Essomaintenance, cleanliness and safety

My wife and I have been getting fuel at the McKenzie station in Calgary S.E. for nearly 15 years. It seems as the years go by, the housekeeping attitude is getting worse and worse. We both have speed passes, which we love, but this convenience only works when the Tiger lights up. Many times when we get diesel, the pump we choose decides not to accept the speed pass. Now we have to move our vehicle to another pump which can be very frustrating, because many times the remaining three diesel pumps are occupied, and our vehicle will have to face in the right direction. We have complained about it numerous times, and many days later, the speed pass still did not work. Solution: Make sure speed pass functions are working, on daily basis.
We appreciate that diesel is not easy to clean, however, when sometimes fueling up at other ESSO gas stations in Calgary, the handles are clean, the nozzles are not dripping, the pumps themselves are clean, they have paper sheets in their dispensers and there is water to clean the windows. Why is it so difficult for the McKenzie station to offer the same ?. Solution: While checking if all speed passes work, wipe down the handles/pumps/hoses... and if there is an issue, have it looked after immediately.
We don't think what we're asking for is unreasonable, please be so kind and inform the owner.
Thank you Peter

Feb 03, 2017

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