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Esso / rude, racist remarks made by clerk

Hwy # 47Goodwood, Ontario, Canada Review updated:
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My mother went into the Esso station on Hwy 47 in Goodwood to get some gas. My mother forgot her debit card so she was only able to purchase $ 6.00 worth of gas and was only able to pay with pocket change. When she went into the store to pay she apologized for the change. The gentle man working behind the counter started to yell at her saying he would not accept her money. She explained that she did not have her debit card and only had the change. He yelled at her telling her that the money had to be rolled (which there was not one particle type of change or amount to roll). Then he told her that he didn't want her kind around here. When another customer approached the store he told her not to say anything "don't you say a word" was what he said. My mother said I am sorry but money is money and that she would never buy gas there again and maybe never at another ESSO again. I am seriously considering writing the local and City wide paper with this story. I truly think you should look into this matter this man may run a store but he is directly representing your business. I hope to here from you regarding this matter.

Thank you,
Amanda Banks.


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  22nd of Oct, 2009
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I had the same thing happend to me with the money.. I had 18 dollars in loonies and toonies and he told me he wouldn't accept it.
  3rd of Mar, 2011
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Money is money change or not. I feel it would be acceptable for the cashier to request that she wait to the side while he helps customers with faster payment methods. And when he has a lull in customers he could count the change quickly and let her have the gas. Making rude comments is the last thing that any one working for a company should do.
  24th of Aug, 2011
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iam regular customer of esso but first time i see in esso station clock house ashford middlsex uk on 23.aug 11 that the nigh ttaff do, nt know how to use company voucher which are issued with credit cards details please give the training to staff or employe trained person thanks
  17th of Jun, 2012
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Esso seems to employ only the most argumentative, rudest, animalistic people for its so-called "services." Upon reading the variety of complaints, it seems Esso's franchise owners/reps's penchant for shady business practices/utter beligerence is a worldwide Esso phenomenon. My personal choice: no longer use Esso and notify family, friends, coworkers of these online complaints about disgusting service from this company.
  29th of Jul, 2012
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Amanda, I see your comment is from 2008, and I wonder if you actually did contact the newspapers? Maybe even Marketplace on CBC would have been a great idea.
Rest assured that this nasty behaviour from Esso clerks is still happening. Not from all of them, but from far too many of them. It's beyond idiotic now. Esso needs to step up and show some concern, as it seems this problem is rampant and only getting worse.
  1st of Aug, 2012
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I agree with Verisimilitude and I love the way she expresses herself. That is, if an Esso employee is rude, they usually are about as animalistic as possible. I have to be fair and not paint every Esso employee with the same brush...but when you DO run into a nasty employee, they are the most disgusting, vile, vicious piece of ### you can imagine.
Not all immigrants are pigs. But SOME of them come here, with there ###ing warlike mentality, disrespectful attitudes, and the low value they place on human life because of the shithole country they came from, and try to impose it on us peace-loving Canadians.
I'm an immigrant by the way. But for damn sure I'm not from one of those shithole arrogant countries that try to impose their ways on Canada. I LOVE CANADA!
I am one of the most easygoing, mellow people you can find. But these ###s are turning me into a racist! I never used to think things like "if you don't like it here, if you don't realize how lucky you are to be here, if you are so ungrateful and ignorant and despise Canada and western civilization so much, then go back to your shithole country." I NEVER USED TO THINK THAT WAY!
But when an Esso station that you've been going to for years without a problem suddenly starts to feel like you're walking into some 3rd world warzone, complete with insane, psychotic warmongering staff, then enough is enough!

Make your voices HEARD! Don't just complain on here, go to the imperial oil website and send in a complaint through their complaint form, or better yet, use the phone number they provide.
  29th of Aug, 2013
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"Money is money" is not necessarily true. A lot of businesses do not want someone paying with 6 dollars worth of nickels and dimes. And what racist remarks? From what i gathered, when he said he "didnt want any of your kind here", he was implying people like you, who want give the man 6 dollars of coins.
  22nd of Apr, 2015
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Just to let everyone know, the man who owned the Esso at Hwy 47, Goodwood, Ontario is named Sam, and he sold it to a very lovely couple Jay and Yoga, he ripped them off and sold them a dump. He did not tell them that the roof leaked and had 12 buckets to catch the rain water on top of the ceiling tiles, when they tried to contact him he changed his number. He also ripped me off for my Lotto 649 ticket, and accused me of trying to rip him off for $3.00, I reported him to Esso. A few other people reported him to Esso, and this is why I believe he sold because he was about to loose the franchise and lottery license as I also reported him to the OLG.

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