Esso (1615 Ellesmere Road) Scarborough / ESSO points rip-off

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Manager never give essopoints as they advertised outside. Whenever I talk regarding their promotions he always angry and yell.I truly think you should look into this matter this man may run a store but he is directly representing your business. His name is AZIS . Nowadays I am scare to go esso gas stations.

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  • Zo
      Feb 16, 2011

    Nowadays people run the store uncivilized style.The reason is northamerican customerservice's first priority is money, they don't care about service.

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  • Zo
      Feb 16, 2011

    I felt the same way in that station yesterday. He never give extrapoints for lottery as he advertised outside . I think may ne they don't have teritory manager to supervise.

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  • Zo
      Feb 16, 2011

    This guy has attitute problem.

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  • Df
      Feb 27, 2011

    i am an esso manager in ottawa, canada.

    esso points r not controlled by the stores, or store managers, its solely controlled by esso via their computerized systems. instead of giving the cashier hard time, call esso and inform them. i assure u there is absolutely no way he can control the points rewarded. and please do understand that clerks in gas stations go through alot of stress as they need to multi-task between serving customers and watching cars at the pumps, when u give them hard time u r pushing their buttons


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  • Pa
      Apr 16, 2017

    1615 ellesmere road, scarborough, on m1p2y3. i went on 16/04/17 at 10.15pm in on the run gas station for buying cigarette the person at reception was very disrespectful to me i gave him cash and some change he was like i dont have whole day for your change, he was telling to live the store without giving me cigarette orelse he was gone call police (threatenning me ). This type of attitude is not good i really never want to go back at that store. Some strict action should be taken against that guy named Bhanu he being very rude for no reason


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