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Equifax is a fraud!

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If Equifax is obligated to remove or correct an adverse item on your credit report (ie, you paid off the balance in full), but refuses to correct it, you cannot even file a dispute with them unless you buy one of their products. For example, if you have already gotten your free annual credit report and something else pops up that is incorrect, if you want to dispute it you must have a "confirmation number". The only way you can get a confirmation number is to order a copy of your credit report, for a price. Believe me they know what they're doing. Even if it's not your fault you can't even talk to someone unless you order their product (credit report) in order to find a 800 number to call to dispute- you can't call unless you have the number - can't get the number 'till you buy the report.
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N  30th of Oct, 2008 by    -3 Votes
One thing that people are not understanding about Equifax, they are a CRA. They do not request your info from the various accounts that you hold. It is the various companies job to report to Equifax, that is what makes up your credit file is what companies report to them. You people act like Equifax is just making up things to put in your credit file, and that is not the case. Example :If whatever company you hold an account with reports that you have a negative account with them, then that is what is on your credit file. It is those account issuers jobs to say what goes on or comes off your credit file, not Equifax's. As far as any charges you may be issued, when you signed up for a certain product that may have been a free trial, it is your responsibility to cancel before you are charged to cancel not Equifax. My suggestion is read all the print in terms of use before you decide to purchase their products.
N  14th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Scat I cancelled well inside the 30 day free trial and was still charged. Something Equifax acknowledged yet still refused to issue a refund. Equifax is a scam operation.
A  17th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just tried to get my free credit report since I was denied a credit card recently. I even ordered the Fico score. You get to the final purchase page and the site won't let you view your report. They don't send a copy to your email either. There is no phone number to call unless you're a member?! Even though I bought one of their reports! So that was a waste of money. I don't recommend anyone try to use them or their site unless you want them to take your money. Might as well throw your money in the garbage.
A  30th of Jul, 2009 by    +3 Votes
I agree that Equifax is conducting a fraud. Sue Equifax.
A  24th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I agree equifax is conducting fraud in order for you to purchase products from them. Every year out of no where I keep getting a chase account on my credit report that no one else never ever reports only they do. I then have to log into their website and pay for a report. They constantly leave messages on my phone to renew my payment information with them when i don't need their services. It's the same story every year and they tell me to call chase and chase says they don't have me in their system.
N  23rd of Apr, 2010 by    +1 Votes

Equifax Inc - Equifax took forever to give me my report
Equifax Inc
United States

Equifax took forever to give me my report after I applied for my free credit report and then did not consider my disputing several claims that I asked to see proof about. They also refused to give me information about claims that someone had used my information to get a mortgage and a car loan.
N  23rd of Apr, 2010 by    0 Votes

Equifax Inc - Equifax took forever to give me my report
Equifax Inc
United States

Equifax took forever to give me my report after I applied for my free credit report and then did not consider my disputing several claims that I asked to see proof about. They also refused to give me information about claims that someone had used my information to get a mortgage and a car loan.
N  22nd of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Equifax is EVIL -- they are trying to steal money.

Recently while I was checking over my credit report in preparation for an Auto Loan, I checked with all 3 credit bureaus looking for my Score.

All of them were accurate EXCEPT for Equifax . . . they had on my report that I had a delinquent account that I owed about $5, 000 on. It turned out that it was my mother's account and I was an authorized user in case of an emergency.

I immediately called the Credit Card company to dispute with them. Their explanation was that they had submitted to all 3 agencies. This is a tactic that CC's use on Authorized users hoping to shame them into assuming the debt of the card holder. After speaking with a rep of the CC, he said that he would transfer me to Equifax in order to have them remove it from my CC report.

First after listening to about 10 minutes of computerized prompts that kept going into a circular pattern and not getting a rep on the phone, I hung up and searched for a number online.

I call Equifax, get them on the phone and that's when a HUGE lightbulb goes off in my head. I'm complaining about the report and the woman launches into a speech about Credit Monitoring and how they'll freeze my account and notify me (with their service of course) if anyone tries to put anything untrue on my report all for the lovely fee of $15 a month.

That's when I realized that the other bureaus hadn't done what Equifax did. The other Agencies knew that I wasn't the card holder and didn't put it on my report. Equifax allowed it to be put on my report in the hopes that I would sign up with their program.

If you think that being put on as an Authorized user doesn't affect your credit, I will tell you the numbers. On Transunion without the report, myFico score was 782. With the report on Equifax, myFico Score was 675. It doesn't take a genuis to see the numbers clearly.
N  3rd of Jul, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I ordered my free annual report from Equifax. Quick and easy. Saw a negative item that wasn't mine. Filed a dispute online. In less than 10 days got an email that dispute was resolved - but had to sign in online to look at it. Only glitch was their system was down (at night) for some hours.
When I logged in, there was a notice that the item was removed from my credit file.
Fairly painless.

This same item showed up w. Transunion. Took them about 7-10 days to remove it. Their system is easy to use than Equifax's. I'll probably need to contact Experion since the same item might be in their file also.
N  10th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes

Equifax Small Business - 45 Days to update erroneous Info
Equifax Small Business
United States

A Judgment was mistakenly entered against our company in the county court. It was subsequently dismissed by the court. I notified Equifax Small Business of the Error, they investigated and found the judgment was dismissed, they sent us a letter on June 4th 2010 notifying us that they were in agreement that the item was dismissed and that our credit file would be updated. It is now July 10 and they have still not updated our file. I have called multiple times and was recently informed that since this is a business credit file they have no obligation to update their files. They then let me know that it takes a minimun of 45 days for them to update a business credit file. Given the state of the economy and how difficult it is to obtain business crredit, this is crazy. We have already had one line of credit cancelled over this issue. If any other businesses are experienceing similar problems with Equifax Small Business please file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, so these monsters can be held accountable for the damage they are causing to the small business owners of America,
N  7th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
Isn't it ironic that the very services that the public uses to check into your credit turn to Equifax for accurate information. And it is Equifax and Experian and freecreditscore.com (all the same company operating under a different subsidiary of Equifax) that are actually conducting fraud. What they do amounts to nothing less than extortion. These bogus means to calculate someone's credit is questionable at best. If you fee you need to spend 30 bucks a month to keep on top of your credit score. Perhaps we need to not give two hoots what Equifax has to offer. Maybe someday someone will start up a credit score company that accepts only negative postings if there is a court ordered judgment against you. I doubt that will ever happen, and if it did it would probably need legislation to get the ball rolling.
N  30th of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
N  7th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes

Equifax / Free Credit Report - No Customer Service
United States

My birthdate, which had been correct past years, was suddenly wrong. They said they needed additional information on my spouse and before I sent it we got his credit report. My sister has requested a free credit report in October and when it was not received requested one in November and has yet to receive it. What a terrible company.
D  21st of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
a lawyer put something(2500) on my credit report saying i owed him...keep in mind that i SIGNED NOTHING with this lawyer...no retainer NOTHING!!...so i call equifax and say HEY this is fraud i signed nothing!!...the lady on the phone told me this''''' sir IF I take this off all they have to do to put it back on is send us your SS# with the amount and its back on"""""...and when u put in a dispute saying you dont owe this..>ALL they have to do to contest it and WIN is to say '''' IT IS HIS""" and thats it...can u believe thats what the equifax lady told me?????...total crooks..

sooo beware IF ANYONE gets your social sec number they can put something on your credit report and its almost impossible to get it taken off
N  6th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes

Equifax Credit Reports - You will not get what you pay for
Equifax Credit Reports
United States

Stay away from Equifax. Really poor customer service. You will not get what you pay for. It took over two times just to set up the account. We never got the email alerts and the customer service rep kept blaming us. When we went to cancel the service they kept telling us what we were doing wrong and would not cancel it.

I ended up getting into a shouting match with the representative who kept telling me my service was working. I finally canceled the service and signed up with Identity Guard. Don’t go with Equifax if you want your money’s worth.
A  2nd of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
My credit is fine...I have been building it for quite a while. I was offered "an opportunity" to protect my credit. I declined.
I have been getting a bill that I owe $200, 000. I have not had credit cards for years and years.
A couple of days later I started getting Collection Calls for about $200, 000 of debt...

Years ago, I was a secretary and had a child and didn't' receive child support. I had to file bankruptcy and did pay it off AFTER I was introduced to the nightclub business. I went on from thre to manage, promoted and finally owned my own nightclus. I HAVE NEVER had a crredit card since then!!!

Equifax is a fraud!
A  2nd of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
I timed ut a few minutes ago. I hope I can complete this before I run out of time

I had an email that Equifax could protect my credit. for $19.95 a month. I declined.. A couple of days later I started getting Collection Calls for about $200, 000 of debt...
Years ago, I was a secretary and had a child and didn't' receive child support. I had to file bankruptcy and did pay it off AFTER I was introduced to the nightclub business. I went on from thre to manage, promoted and finally owned my own nightclubs.

Equifax is a fraud!
N  3rd of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes

Equifax - Free Annual Credit Report
United States

I obtain my free annual report each year since authorized by law and bought them every couple of years prior to the law being passed. Since the authorized free reports, Equifax makes it nearly impossible to obtain online, and if you call the number they provide, you get individuals with heavy foreign accents, thus ensuring you will unlikely receive the information and if you are lucky enough to do so, it will be months! As I keep all these reports, I make notes once printed out to ensure I use the correct password, etc., even though I have never had any problems receiving the reports online from either Experian or Transunion. Amazingly, as I yet again attempted to sign on, once the individual verified all my security questions and pertinent info, they assured me that they had remedied the problem and my information was NOW available for me to view online. I tried as they suddenly became more accurate with their speech, and wow - AGAIN I was blocked from receiving the information as it still says that it is NOT available online. EQUIFAX must outsource all the jobs to foreign countries while denying us access to the reports and bombarding us with a sales pitch to pay for credit scores by telling us that only their score is worth anything and that the ones provided by our financial institutions are worthless. If Eperian and Transunion can make it work, what kind of scam is EQUIFAX pulling on US citizens by denying us the annual free credit reports? It is time to get some of our elected officials involved to find out what is going on.
N  3rd of Aug, 2016 by    -1 Votes

Equifax Credit Agency - Gold Membership
Equifax Credit Agency
United States


I signed up for the annual subscription to Equifax's Gold Credit Reporting Monitoring Program for about $130 (annually). They sent lots of emails and it was nice to have, but after a year, I decided it was not something I was interested in renewing.

When the emails reminding me to renew came flooding my in-box, I ignored them. They were asking me to renew, so I thought, don't respond and it won't renew. WRONG. They automatically renewed me based on the card I used to subscribe.

When I called about this, I was placed on hold for very long periods of time, only to be told that it was too late to cancel once they already received their money. I didn't like it, but what could I do?

The next year came around and so did the reminder emails. This time I contacted them numerous times because the reminders just kept coming. I was placed on eternal hold EACH time and given the run around. They also spent a long time trying to talk me out of canceling the service. Talk about building a doom and gloom story of identity theft and hazards that I would be subjecting myself to by not having this feature. Sheesh! Each time, they said, they had no record of my previous calls to cancel.

They hit me again with their annual fee.

I called my credit card comapny and told them it was a fraudulent charge and they had me send a written explanation. After about 90 days, my credit card responded that Equifax refused to refund the money.

To say that I was unhappy would be a severe understatement. The very people / agency that was claiming to protect consumers from fraud was scamming me.

The next renewal year came and the card they had on file expired. (drum roll) They began sending me the email notices to renew, but my card was expired and to contact them with updated card info so I wouldn't miss out on this great service. Not only was the card expired, but I canceled it. Wasn't going to take any chances this time.

They had the audacity to call me letting me know that their attempt to renew the membership failed and they needed updated card information. I explained that I did not want to renew this service and was transferred and placed on hold. I hung up.

They called again. Same thing.

They finally quit calling, but the email notices keep coming. I have them blocked and going straight to junk mail now. The turds!

Good luck to anyone trying to get out of this service. What a circus!
A  3rd of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes
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N  3rd of Aug, 2016 by    0 Votes

Equifax Credit Bureau - Disgusting use of my name
Equifax Credit Bureau
P. O. Box 105518
United States

Equifax was written a simple question about an entry on my credit report. No answer came, so it was sent twice more. Imagine my shock when a useless piece of paper arrived addressed to AUDREY DEFFART, AUDREY DE FART, etc. I immediately wrote to the CEO David Rubinger that that practice was to stop.
One envelope arrived addressed to DAVID RUBINGER and another to my address to VICTORIA RUBINGER. Very strange, indeed!
I filed a complaint with the FTC and they did nothing, stating that they only file the complaints away until there are many complaints. Are they waiting for 10, 000 complaints to arrive?
I then filed a complaint on August 13, 2009 with Senator Dianne Feinstein who is supposed to investigate such matters as the FTC is a federal agency. Never heard a word and the young people she hired to answer phones are out to lunch. They didn't know anything and didn't want to do anything. I filed the complaint again and have never heard a word.
I sent a complaint to the BBB in Atlanta only to find later that they sent my complaint to Colton, California's BBB. Imagine my shock again when I received acknowledgements from both BBB's addressed not to Audrey DeHart but to Audrey De Fart. If I had ever done that in my job, I would have been fired for being so stupid as to not look at the name signed to the letter but look at the copies of the evidence submitted which were copies of the letters sent with my name distorted and which was deliberate.
One BBB did send a letter to Equifax with the name of Audrey Def Fart as the complainiant. Equifax sent me a letter again addressed properly but stating that they could not find Audrey Def Fart in their system. Duh! I was to furnish them credit information on this non-existent person.
I wrote a steaming hot letter to both the BBB's. They did correct my name.
A reply from Equifax to the BBB stated that the computer made the mistakes. Hot diggity! I must have an exceptional computer as it only does what I ask it to do.
Someone at Equifax had to go into their data system and program a distortion on my name (in Caps no less) and also put in the names David Rubinger and probably his wife Victoria Rubinger. What idiocy? Committed by a CEO no less.
I am 81 years old and when a young person tries to tell me that the computer made the mistake I want to punch them in the nose. If anyone in business had a computer that runs amuck, they should immediately call 911 asking for help.
Equifax has never apologized for what they did which was totally unwarranted, thus, my herein complaint. I've seen a lot in my lifetime and if someone else told me the above story, I might suggest that they check into Rehab forthwith. The amazing thing is that credit bureaus think they are gods and can ruin you as they have the power to do so. As long as the FTC protects them, nothing will be done for the consumer. They can reduce your credit score with no explanation and you will never find ou the combination for their doing so.

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