Epson XP-312 inkjet printerink scam

Apart from the high price of Epson ink - and the printer info trying to get you to change the ink when it is only half empty - there is a new 'scam' by Epson. I recently changed my XP-102 printer for an XP-312 as it uses the same ink cartridges. The cartridges in the XP-102 were all nearly full, so naturally I put them in the new printer to use them up. The black ran out first so I replaced the black from the set that came with the printer. All these are marked 'setup' and I have discovered from Epson that unless these are used when the printer is first set up, they won't work! The set of ink represents about half the total cost of the printer, and I suspect Epson makes massive profits on it's ink. I have complained to Epson customer srvices and their attitude, basically, is 'hard luck'. I certainly won't be buying Epson for my next printer.

Dec 29, 2014

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