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Complaints & Reviews

Invoice; customer account

I sent an email to Digi-Key on 04/01/2020. They have not responded.

There is a MAJOR problem with My Account. None of my orders for 2020 are recorded in My Account. The last order listed in My Account was in 2019. I have made several orders in 2020 and they are not registered. Please fix this issue and register my orders into My Account.

MOST importantly, I am not receiving my final invoices. I used to receive my final invoices at my email: [protected]@utk.edu. Now, I am not receiving my invoices—this is a MAJOR Problem. Please send me my final invoice for Order # [protected]; Order Date: 26-Feb-2020; Invoice# [protected] in the amount of $27.98.

I called last month about this issue and at that time, I requested that these problems be CORRECTED. THIS IS MY THIRD REQUEST TO CORRECT THESE ISSUES.

Janet Carnes

rf development kit

It was confusion at the bengining that only a picutre of one module of the development kit was displayed on the website of the products, while the datasheet indicate three modules of the developmente kit plus power supply, USB memory stick with software tools. I have made a call to the customer service to check whether all three moduels and accesarries are included and I was told they would all be included. To make sure it was correct, I sent email and was replied with the same answer. However I have only received one module. I tried to contact the constomer serviced a few times in last two months, but they just complaining the manufacture as if it is no thing to do with them.

Resolved digikey: worst online experience ever

Extremely complicated web-site... they live in the past century... they asked me to send them a personal ID copy by FAX !!!
Where I live there is NO fax for the past 2 decades !!
Their web system seems to be from the 80's decade.
On their web-site you have to have for a 12 dollar purchase:
Web ID
Access ID
Customer Number
Sales Order ID
Purchase Order Number
They don't send you an Invoice once the on-line transaction is done...
They labeled the items I wanted to purchase, FOR EXPORT, and I had to fill-up a questionnaire to explain the Exporting !!! Although the shipping address was Plantation, Florida !!!
3 days after I purchase on-line, they sent me a letter asking for a copy of mi ID by FAX !!!
A total nightmare.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Digi-Key Electronics's response · Sep 21, 2017

    I apologize for the frustrations that you may have experienced with your recent transaction with Digi Key Electronics. I would like to have the opportunity to discuss this further with you and share with the appropriate area. Will you please contact me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Ignored all communication with me

I bought phone batteries from the website www.digikey.com. I placed the order for 3 batteries, and I haven’t received any confirmation email or the tracking number. I received only 2 batteries, but the third one never arrived. I sent several emails to the seller and asked about the battery, as well as I told to return money. But they ignored all communication with me. Please, if someone here had the same experience, can you help to return money back?

Resolved Worst service ever

Digi-Key acquired me as their customer when I began
shopping online for a vendor that carries the majority
of their product lines, but in particular, they had a good
price on an item I thought would come and go quickly
(a prototype version of a surface-mount microcontroller;
the prototype version is DIP-20 package). There wasn't
much stock on these to be found online, and Digi-Key
seemed willing to take the risk to buy up a good lot of
them. What's more, when more of the same item became
available from the manufacturer (again, in limited
quantity) Digi-Key bought up a good supply of them,
and offered a good discount on quantity purchases of

All the usual customer satisfaction issues went smoothly;
but the shipping kind of surprised me -- something about
the way Digi-Key packages things, I think, is special --
deserves unique praise. Of all the dozens of online
purchases I've made from vendors in several different
(unrelated) product industries, I've never seen anything
quite like the Digi-Key shipping department's own
'product' -- the shipping carton and packing materials.

All I can say (at loss for words) is these guys set a standard
for the competition, when it comes to the packaging (the
outer shipping carton). I can't think of a way they could
have improved it. Ironically, the one way I can think of
that might improve it a little is the same quality that
attracts me to it .. their logo is impressively emblazoned
on the shipping cartons, which I think might invite theft
enroute (esp. a blind drop from UPS to the doorstep).

OTOH I doubt any of my neighbors would have a clue
what Digi-Key vended (electronics parts for manufacturers
and researchers and students of EE).

Would I buy from them again? You betcha -- my first
stop when shopping for electronics parts online is
Digi-Key. I don't need the hassle of finding second
sources; if DK doesn't have it, only then do I look
elsewhere -- unless it's a can-wait item or something
I think an underdog vendor might have an older replacement for on a non-critical item -- bread and
butter things I can take a risk on with an untried other
source. That's when I'd pass on Digi-Key; when it was
a price-point issue I consider an industry-wide problem
and thought I could beat the system by scouring obscure
suppliers for surplus and this sort of thing.

Summary: No problems here; everyone should try them
one time and see for themselves -- Digi-Key deserves
the title of 'industry benchmark' and, I think, more. Can
they lower prices? I have no idea. I wish someone would
lead in this; I don't see it as being likely.

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