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Received a call from EOS CCA on 3 Feb 2010. Called back at 1740 hrs and spoke to Sandra Dayton. Ms Dayton informed me that I owed XM Radio $48 and change. Rationale for debt was that I failed to renew my service when my one-year subscription had expired and did not cancel the service by contacting XM Radio’s cancellation service by phone and canceling the subscription.

Contacted XM Radio at approximately 1820 hrs and spoke to a Mr Perez about this situation. Mr Perez transferred me to XM’s “Listening Care” department. Once transferred to that department I spoke to Mandy. I explained the situation and she offered to waive the charge. I explained that I didn’t think I owed XM anything, but that if she wanted to waive the charge that was fine by me. I confirmed with her that she had removed the charge from my account.

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  • Nh
      10th of Mar, 2011

    I to have been called just about everyday for about 2 months about XM Radio from this EOS CCA company trying to collect $96.66 when we had called them in Januaray 2011 and told them that we'd like to cancel out XM radio's which I paid like $9.95 for 2 of them ea. and I was current in December. I got a bill in January stating that I now owe $96.66 for something that I had called and cancelled and now as of today 03-09-2011 they say that I owe because I this because they (XM) didnt' give me a cancellation number. This guy had called me 2-28-2011 and the same guy called again today 3-9-2011 he says mama you owe this on 3 radios and I told him like I have been telling them for almost 3 months now that NO I DO NOT I called and cancelled in January. What do I do? They keep calling and calling. The radio's have been cut off since January.

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