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This company sent me letters to inform me that my warranty service would expire if I did not contact them. I never purchased their service in the first place. This company is a scam!!! Don't be fooled by them!!!
Also there was no company address on the envelope or letter!
Obvious scam!!!
It is so irritating to get a letter that appears at first to be legit then upon reading it & examining it to see where it came from only to find out that they are simply trying to dupe people out of their money!!

Jun 08, 2018
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      Mar 07, 2019

    Endurance warranty DOES NOT honor their warranty when it is time for a claim. I had them for over a year and my first claim they tried to put after market parts on an AUDI A8, but the dealer told me in time. The second claim (12/2017) Endurance denied the whole claim based on my wheels (for a thermostat...really). I have reported them to and many other places (like this site). Please DO NOT fall to these scammers/LIERS.

    In fact Endurance famous words are 'We got you covered' also there are many warranty companies (like Auto Assure) RE-SELLING Endurance Warranty... be careful
    Endurance Warranty is an administrator so they have the final decision as to IF your claim is paid. My vehicle was in the shop for over a week BEFORE Endurance Warranty DENIED my claim.
    I will be posting and telling as many people in the world as possible ... hopefully I can stop these fraudsters
    Good Luck

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