Endurance Warranty Service / not honoring warranty

Chicago, IL, United States

I would like to complain about endurance warranty program and how they will not pay for required repairs to my ac unit. I have a contract with them and have paid over 1900 dollars so far. I took my jeep in for service back in April 2014 for service and the ac blowing hot. I performed a pm on my vehicle and was told that the gasket on my jeep was leaking, and I was told by the repair shop that it would be 1800 dollars for a new ac unit . I knew they probably would only cover 1600 dollars worth and i would pay the difference based on there website. So they called the endurance and they said that leaky gaskets was not covered under my warranty;so i would have to pay for it myself. MY better half called the company and i was told that i was being ripped off and i needed to get a second opinion. Well in arizona i could not get into a repair shop because of how busy they were. I am a 48 state truck driver and it is hard for me to get home on time the earliest appointment was a month in a half. Well i came home in august to finally get into oracle ford to do another pm and to get a second opinion. The bill was still 1800 dollars and they called endurance again and they denied my claim and now they are threatening to cancel my warranty due to neglect and keep my money. I even had a rep for there company to come out and they refused to replace the ac and they now would cover the hoses which is a 350 dollar part with a 100 dollar deductible. Customer service told me before that they would not cover anything and now they contradict themselves. The website says they're bbb accredited with A+ but there have been over 103 complaints posted by other people that all of a sudden showed up in the past 6 months. IT is a shame they use a a celebrity to promote there lies and deceit, be aware they will not cover what they say and if u do not fix the problem right away they will steal your money, Buyers beware.

Aug 05, 2014

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