Endurance Warranty Service / don't ever buy from these guys

United States

Well, these guys sold me a 100, 000 miles/7 year warranty. I thought that they are legitimate since I had another vehicle with warranty that I purchased from a different company. Their terms state:
"The maximum limit of liability of this contract, all claims paid and payable, shall be the lesser of a)$5000; or b)the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle at the time of repair as determined by the NADA trade value whichever is less." When my engine gave out on me, the shop called them to get an authorization to do the work. They told him that they will not cover any work before he could tell them how much was the work will cost. The reason is that they had paid out $3000 on previous repairs and now I am out of luck since my truck is worth only $3100 according to the trade in value of the NADA book. They did point this term out when I called to complain but failed to state that when I called to purchase the warranty. They are so happy to charge me the full amount when I first purchased it that they forgot to mention a very crucial term that will make every one take a step back before purchasing this so called WARRANTY. Just ask yourself one question, what if your vehicle is worth more than $5000 at the time of the repair? Then they will buy it from you for what is worth according to NADA minus the amount they paid to the previous repairs. IS THAT FAIR TO THE CONSUMER to lose their vehicle after they pay all the fees and the coverage. Also, I had the contract for only 3 years and 40, 000 miles. So the coverage terms for 100, 000 miles/7 years don't mean nothing. STAY AWAY AND RUN FROM THIS COMPANY.

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