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Spain Review updated:

I was approached by an Italian guy in the car park of Ikea, S S los Reyes, Madrid. He told me the same story as previous complaints... On his way back from a trade show and had some samples that he was looking to sell me very cheap. He did not say that they were Emporio Armani, but just that they were good quality. And strangely enough they were all my size "58"(XXL), that surprised me a lot !!!
He wanted to sell 2 suits, 5 leather jackets, 1 cashmere coat, 2 shirts and 2 jumpers for €700, -, but got it all for €400, - The suits and jackets are very nice, even if they are fake. So if they do not "fall apart" tomorrow, then I do not feel too bad about it.


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      Apr 11, 2012

    I also got conned by this artist in Dubai! I've done quite a lot of research on the web and found out a lot about it!
    It's not 1 person operating alone, there's a gang of 20 to 30 people operating this scam in the UAE for the past 6 years (members of the Mafia). They are originally from Naples, holding fake identities/addresses and they've been searched internationally as they have criminal history in other countries where the scam reached higher levels. They remain in the UAE due to a lack of extradition treaties. This is just one of the many italian organized crimes that have been operated globally.

    Organized Crime is nowdays the biggest business in Italy according to the Confesercenti authoritative report, it takes about $250 million/ day from retailers and businessmen. The UAE is an important crossroads for business, and as result, also for crime. These gangs normally mantain legitime business holdings worldwide that are offen used as a cover for their criminal operations.

    Be aware of this scam! His name was Gaetano which is associated to a range of other scams worldwide. These people are extremely skilled and enjoy taking honest money from others! The best artists wear suit and tie, and the funny thing is that I recently saw the same guy on a maserati!


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      Mar 11, 2013

    Guys I met the guy Riyadh Saudi Arabia

    exactly the same story as the one of tomatoes above, I got three Emporio suites and one emporio jacket for 2000 SAR ( he was asking for 3000) so we are talking on almost 500 USD...I think they are good and fits with me size 52 ...

    Let's wait and see if they will fall apart or stand good...

    Take care guys


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