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I was going in to work one day and a guy came up to me asking for a direction to New York. After i gave him the direction he then went on to ask other questions such as what is my background. Because of his sincere face, not knowing he's going to pull up a scam. I have a conversation for a while until he told me his story of loosing a money from the casino and how he ran out. And he went on saying he's a rich guy and give me all of these jackets which is fake! and just ask for a few dollars, but i told him i only have a few dollars which is about $200. He keep insisting how he's going to not have enough money to pay for the rent car he rents and so on... Finally i was convinced to withdraw a few hundred dollars more feeling sorry for the guy because he trusted me with his passport and numbers and the jackets... which i shouldn't done and not knowing is a scam after i did a research online... tsk tsk what a waste of money!

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  • Ab
      Mar 15, 2009
    Emporio Fashion - ripped off
    Ashan co

    This guy pulled on one sunday and offerred me a clothe after asking me for direction to a place. i got home opened the bag and it was all rubbish-fake goods.

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  • Th
      Nov 19, 2009

    mine was same, i was working on the store the guy came and talked nice. my $ 350 was gone.

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  • Se
      Jun 01, 2010

    I bought the same kind of jackets for $200, all three shown on photos.

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  • Hh
      Oct 20, 2010

    I just bought 2 nice jackets and 2 suits. I don't know anysthing about fasion, and I didn't know that Emporio is something special.
    I was contacted in exactly the same way, and I payed him $400
    The clothes are wellsown, of nice materials, so I don't feel cheated. I guess that it is made in china, but so what?
    I was in China earlier this year, and I bought some "original" stuff overthere too. But these "Emporia" things are cheaper than you can get it in China!
    So don't feel so sad about it - be glad;-)

    Hans-Henrik, Denmark

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  • El
      Nov 21, 2010

    the happen to me to same jackets and a give $200 for the 3 of them..

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  • No
      Feb 19, 2011

    02/18/11 . Some guy who appears to be Italian pulls up to a parking lot in Pleasanton, TX. Same thing he is on the way to the airport and is not wanting to sell them but rather give them away for a small quantity if 400.00 dllrs. (Shows me his passport and money to indicate he 's got miney)I tell him all I have is 160.00 and he says 200.00 for all six.
    The jackets don't look like they are originals but like the previous post said they are probably worth the amount anyway. Long story short I don't buy them and he gets pissed and leaves. I get curious and google Emporio fashion and I find out that there is probably a group and they are scaming people with knock offs. He should just say what they are, they have got to be worth at least 35 to 40 bucks unless of course they are stolen.

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  • Ra
      May 26, 2011

    The same story for me as well. Today while i am coming to office one Italian fellow came and told that he lost all the money in casino and he wants to sell his emporio fasion leather jackets. He told this will cost £300 and he is ready to sell it £100. But luckily I have only £2o and he said fine for that money and gave 1 jocket. After reading couple of stories, I am not sure that is worth for £2o or not. But atleast some one can take action against these bloody ###.

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  • Me
      Jun 14, 2011

    Hi guys!

    Same situation in Brazil as well! I was approached by a guy who said he was italian, and that he joined a fancy fashion event. He offered me two jackets and a suit with pants for R$ 1500.00 (about Us$ 900, 00). The problem is that I am about to get married so I was looking for a suit. I ended up buying the suit for about US$ 350. I gotta tell that it fits beautifully, but the brand is Emporio Fashion. I was searching for this brand and found this page. Oh my god!!!

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  • Th
      Jun 21, 2011

    In London ander the rain I have the same story, he was an Italian who lost his moony in casino bla bla bla, , ,
    He offers me a five jacket for 500 Gb, but I rejected
    That, I told 5 jacket for 200 Gb, we have
    Deal in 250 GB.
    But he change the sizes in seconds with out
    telling me or showing me (he cheat on me).

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  • Ac
      Jun 22, 2011

    Hi people,
    Same happened with me yesterday, when I was parking my car at a construction wholesale market in SP. I crazy Italian guy told me a fully history about him that he was a sales manager from EMPORIO ARMANI and he was inquired to pay extra tax here in Brazil of 2k US$. He offered me 3 leather jackets and one suite for 2, k Reais (around 1, 5 US$) for these peaces, but I had no money. Evenso he tried to insist to sell me, but the amazing thing was that he said "I am giving these clothes to you for free, because they are much more expansive and I will do this because you are a very friendly guy and is latino like me and bla bla...". After several insistence by him, I've tried to thread him by simulating a call to a Police and the guy gotta very nervous and drive out.
    So, be aware of this extortion attempt and for similar situation just call the policy.

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  • Ry
      Jun 23, 2011

    I have the same story in Calgary, Canada. The guys is asking for $300 for 6 jackets and show his rental car and business cards and told me that these jackets are from exhibit and dont want to bring them back in Italy. So he pleaded that I should help him because he need the money to pay off his rental car, he does not want to withdraw cash any more instead sell the sample jackets, I saw them and I knew they were fake and they may only cost $10 a pieces from China. So I told him if he really want to be help to call a help line in Calgary and I took off.

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  • Is
      Jun 24, 2011

    My story is very similar, guy approached my husband and said he lost his money at a casino and needed money to make up and pay rent. He said, he just finished a job and got some Italian jackets, camera, and a suit for his bonus. He gave us a business card and asked for $600 to make up the rent. We gave him the money because his story although fishy was convincing. Did a check online on the items we bought and realized we were scammed. I want to get this guy. I searched on facebook and found his picture. His name is Andrea Ermanni, if he approaches you be warned its a scam.

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  • Ah
      Jul 21, 2011

    His last name is Disarno. He can be found on facebook as "Claudio Disarno". He approached me in the same manner, asked me to lunch, I declined, he never asked me for money or showed me any jackets. He gave me his email address. He seemed pleasant, but for a high roller to be renting a jeep cherokee, it didnt really add up to me, so I decided to google him. Glad I did.

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  • Hp
      Aug 03, 2011

    Same thing happened to me from Scarborough, Ontario, was just getting into my car from a grocery store then all of sudden some Italian guy in a Mercedes wave me over and asked me, a Chinese guy in Canada if I speak Italian or Spanish, I thought he's a jokester and told him "Nope, not a word" thinking he must be really foreign and probably just wanna ask direction. He then gave me his card and told me he was here last night for a fashion show, and got 6 leather jackets that he can't bring with him due to taxing so he'll keep just 1 for his wive, at this point I smelled a fishy sales pitch so I immediately stopped him and said "Sorry I have no cash on me just bought my debit", then he goes "Oh ya we're like that in Europe too, and I'm giving it to you for free, I'm rich" at which point then he pulled out an overly fat stash of cash from his pocket to wave at me and parked right beside me, it's at that point I noticed he's driving a Quebec plate which is at least 7 & 1/2 hours driving distance away from here, so I said "You're driving a Quebec plate?", he goes "Ya it's a rental" he rented a Mercedes from Quebec, drove at least 8 hours plus to downtown for a fashin show, ended up in front of a random grocery store in Scarborough way off from an airport on the other side of Toronto, and trying to dump 5 of the 6 leather jackets he got from the show because he can't bring it onto his flight? Just when I was about to dig deeper he then asked me "Did you watched the show last night? here feel this, please (sure, I did). it's good ya? how bout I give it all to you, and you just give me a little something in return, like $450?", I told him "Listen I'm broke and living off my line of credit with no cash on me but my debit card, so I don't wanna waste your time", he goes "Ok I like you my friend, tell me what do you think is a fair amount then to give something back to me for, just says a number", I said again "I don't wanna waste your time", then he looks pretty iritated and packed up and went back into his car, I then walk away and looked into the card he gave me and it says, Claudio D., Director of Emporio Fashions. Hahahaha

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  • Hp
      Aug 03, 2011

    And to my friend up there Hans, from Denmark, the key to shopping in China is that you don't talk to the merchant, you look and see what you like, then tell your local companion you want which one, and have him/her bargain for you. For example, few years back I went back to China with a few friends of mine for vacation, during which I went shopping with a local girlfriend that I picked up during the trip, I pointed to a Nike shirt that I liked (since we all know that all Nike are all made in China hahaha), she then asked the lady how much, and was repied with $80 RMB, she then bargained with her in their local dialect for a few words and I ended up leaving with store with 2 shirts for $20 RMB, few days later I went back to the same store with my buddy because he too liked the shirts that I got, and asked the same lady that I bought from with basically the same shirt how much in English. She told him $250, I died laughting, and my buddy weren't even Caucasian, he was just a Canadian borned Chinese that can't speak Mandarin, that's the naked truth to foreigners from another country, they'll always be trying to exploit you. And lets just say after that we've never shopped without my little sidekick honey.

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  • Ed
      Dec 16, 2011

    Today the same thing happened to me a guy who said he spoke to me asking me to be Italian that he wanted to get to the airport after just taught me that all passport, airline ticket, business card, everything absolutely everything from Italy ... arlington tx today was 12-15-11 .. watch out! I will not steal as my ... 120 dlls only able to steal $ 300 asking me to give him and gave me 4 jackets the same as previous photo reference very ugly smell like oil ... Today's rate was on a white GMC Envoy 4-door to take precautions and those who come after me and be scammed ... welcome to the club =)

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  • Bv
      Dec 30, 2011

    Those darn Italians!!! They got me too! Walking to my car these two Italian guys pull up in a nice SUV, asking me if I spoke Italian. So I walk towards their vehicle thinking they're going to ask me for directions. Before I know it, they're telling me they want to give me some jackets for free because they don't need to take it back to Italy and pay extra fees and taxes or whatever. They claimed they were in town for some type of convention showing their sample jackets at the City Center resort and today was their last day, their flight was leaving in 45 minutes. Then they told me their credit cards were max'd out and they didn't have enough to pay for their rental vehicle. If they didn't pay their rental in cash they would be stuck in Vegas and would have serious problems with their company. I questioned them for about 10 minutes going back n forth. They said the jackets were a gift to me and they didn't want anything for it but in the same breath asked me to help them pay for their rental. They showed me some rental paperwork and pamplets from what appeared to be a rental agency. Me, being the nice guy that I am, told them if they were truly in dire straits with paying their $367 rental bill and would be stranded here in Vegas, that I would go with them to the rental office and pay their bill myself so they could fly on out of here.. They told me that wouldn't be possible according to the rental office. At that point I almost told them NO, NOT INTERESTED but, I bit the big one! I gave them 360 bucks and I got 6 Emporio Fashion men's jackets. Although the jackets are probably faux leather, they are pretty nice jackets. I'm probably keeping two for myself and either selling ($40 ea) or giving the others away. 360 bucks is a good chunk of change but I don't understand why they have to scam their merchandise when it's actually pretty decent stuff. Anyhow, I'm just hoping that the jackets aren't stolen. And yes, I'm going to Metro tomorrow to make a report and cover my ###. Never came across a situation like this before after 50 years on earth. I thank these ITALIANS! for making me all the more wiser.

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  • Vi
      Jan 07, 2012

    Today on a beautiful friday morning at about 11:~~ am, on january 6th 2012, in Woodland, California, I purchased 3 men's and 1 woman's Emporio Fashion leather jackets for $200 from a very nice Italian gentleman with a sincere looking face on a nice blue Nissan Rogue SUV. I am laughing my @$$ off while reading all those stories, it makes me feel a whole lot better about my self, that I am not the only dumb one, with every line I read, I feel the weight is being lifted off of my shoulders, man, I love reading your stories guys., although I bought nice jackets for cheap, I'm still gonna have to read them for couple of more minutes till I'll be able to go eat my dinner without thinking about it, and then read some more stories like that before bed to lift some more of that heavy feeling off of my chest. I was approached on a parking lot and asked if I spoke any Italiano, I replied English and Russian only, then since we are both from Europe he hooked me up with "Armani Emporio" products. He was coming from CalExpo in Sacramento, similar to the stories above, asking for directions to San Francisco, last day, late to airport, flying back to Italia, wanted to get rid of the samples to avoid tax, spoke in broken English, in the middle of the sentence switches to Italian, his English seemed to get better with every sentence though, showed Italian passport, Vincenzo ********, his people were calling him, asking where he was, needed to sell fast and a lot, so that's how I got hooked up.

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  • Te
      Jan 19, 2012

    Same situation, I met this morning in Florence one italian guy in the parking area of my company. He said me: "Did you remember me, I was a collegue of you at the university in 1995 ..." and he gave me two jackets without asking money, explaining the jackets are part of sample he've used in "Pitti moda" here in Florence. Then he did a strange speech about different Switzerland and italian V.A.T. asking if I can pay him the difference, but fortunately I was without money in my pocket ... Strange, at the end he left me the jackets ... I will donate them to the church ! Did someone of you had some problems after the approach of the italian guy ?

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  • Ka
      Feb 19, 2012

    for real i also bumped into this Italian!!! same story airports, car rentals and ### but true say the amount i paid for the jackets is worth it cuz honestly they are fit for purpose!!! i dont feel cheated for real!!! after all some ''big stores'' are ripping us off!!! u look at the fabric of today and u just feel cheated but cuz we got no choice we swallow!!! i dont support them dont get twisted but i dont feel cheated!!!

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  • An
      Mar 14, 2012

    I am Andreas Ioannou of Cyprus, Larnaca!I have just got the same adventure here in Aradihppou area, next to Lidl big supermarket.The Italian guy come towards me when he saw me going towards the main entrance of the supermarket, He started to tell me that
    he came to Nicosia, Cyprus to participate to a cloth exhibition and he his ready to travel back to Italy and he did not want to take back his samples to Italy, he offerd me to have them for nothing!Then showed me many other cloths, suits, shirts, beltetc etc..told me about the values of each peaces and then ask me to give him 150 Euros to pay his car rent befor leaving Larnaca airport the afternoon.Ten showed me again oter things, Bla, bla, bla...Finally he managed to pick me 370 Eyros ! He gave me the following cloths :
    1 suit, two leather jackets, shirts different colors, 1 lether belt, and then at the last momentbefor leaving because my money was finished he game for 70 Euros another leather Jacket.I hope that is a good lesson for me and fron now on I will contact the Police .

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  • Vi
      Mar 25, 2012

    Emporio Fashion Company is losing business if it is a company with good reputation due to those persons like who are using the company name to steal other people with good faith who believe in people with economical needs. Therefore, we accept their liars as true.
    Yesterday (March 24, 2012), I faced one of those persons in Culver City California. He asked for directions how to get the LAX (Airport) because he has to fly to Italy, after directions were provided he introduced himself as Salvatore from Milano Italy. He was in Beverly Hills in an exposition of “Alta Moda” representing EMPORIO FASHION. For this reason he had some coats for man and woman. He asked 1000 USA dollars for one man coat and then we will give me 4 woman coats.
    He was trying to convince me for almost 5 minutes finally I gave $100 per 2 coats.
    He was dressing for successful business and driving a white 2010 to 2012 USV automobile ( Toyota, or Infinity); He looked as a 35 to 45 years old.

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  • To
      Apr 11, 2012

    I also got conned by this artist in Dubai! I've done quite a lot of research on the web and found out a lot about it!
    It's not 1 person operating alone, there's a gang of 20 to 30 people operating this scam in the UAE for the past 6 years (members of the Mafia). They are originally from Naples, holding fake identities/addresses and they've been searched internationally as they have criminal history in other countries where the scam reached higher levels. They remain in the UAE due to a lack of extradition treaties. This is just one of the many italian organized crimes that have been operated globally.

    Organized Crime is nowdays the biggest business in Italy according to the Confesercenti authoritative report, it takes about $250 million/ day from retailers and businessmen. The UAE is an important crossroads for business, and as result, also for crime. These gangs normally mantain legitime business holdings worldwide that are offen used as a cover for their criminal operations.

    Be aware of this scam! His name was Gaetano which is associated to a range of other scams worldwide. These people are extremely skilled and enjoy taking honest money from others! The best artists wear suit and tie, and the funny thing is that I recently saw the same guy on a maserati!


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  • Sc
      Jun 26, 2012

    For anyone in the Scarborough/Toronto area:

    6/26/2012 around ~15:10
    Lawrence ave. east and k=Kennedy rd.

    White Toyota Rav4, Ontario Plate#BLNW598 (prolly a rental/stolen/fake but worth a shot)
    Normal build 30's white guy with brown/black hair, either spanish or italian.

    Sold 4 fake Armani jackets for $300 (asked initially for $600), made my old man go to the bank to get the money.
    Started off with the standard pick-up line about directions to the airport...
    I really wish I listened in on what was going on and stopped this sooner.

    Please don't fall for the same type of scam.

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  • Ka
      Sep 01, 2012

    hi. this ### sold me 3 fake jackets in UK London 240 pounds gone eh

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  • Br
      Sep 17, 2012

    Haha. I was scammed today in Woodmead, South Africa. I normally do not buy anything from the boot of a car, but this Italian guy was convincing. He showed me his passport, and told me that he had suit and jacket samples which he wanted to offload before catching a flight back to Italy.He spok-e a biti of de Englishe, but the Englishe improved while we negotiated. Luckily I did not have enough cash to buy everything, so I bought a nice suit for R1000 (Euro100). When I got home I started checking the quality if the stiching and realised that the quality was a bit suspect. I decided to google AE: Andrea Ermanni and I found this site. I have been scammed! think that I actually wanted to take another suit for my Brother. Personally I do not mind. I paid small money for a "fake" suit. Some shops sell the same quality with inflated prices. I have paid 3 times that amount for a jacket only, in the past.

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  • Mg
      Sep 22, 2012

    The same thing happens to my friend. An Italian guy told him tha´t he was going to the airport and that he could not bring the jackets vith him to Italy. This happend in Stockholm, Sweden. At the beginning the man said that he wanted o give some clothes to him, but for one jacket he wanted 4000 swedish kronor. My friend didn´t have so much money, and they said 200 swedish kronor, and they walked together and get money from the bank. It was 1 suit and 3 jacket who looks like leather but was not.

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  • Ma
      Nov 18, 2012

    As Gunilla I was stopped by 2 Italian men, well dressed and they drove what looked like a rental Volvo. They told me they could not take the jackets back to Italy and started to talk about fabrics nad bla bla. I felt lucky for a while but when I read all your stories and after taking a closer look at the jackets I understand that I've been ripped of. 2000 SEK for three jackets and a suit. I really hope I've learned a lesson after this...

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  • Ni
      Dec 04, 2012

    The same thing happened to my dad outside ICA Maxi in Gothenburg, Sweden. A well dressed good looking Italian guy caught my dad (who is 66) outside the food store and said he was going to the airport and had some items he could not bring with him. He said it was Armani. My dad ended ut buying 3 jackets and 1 suit. For 3000 SEK (about 300 euro).

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  • Pf
      Dec 12, 2012

    Just goes to show that there is more than "one born every minute', including me. I was approached by "Francesco" in a Motorway Service station on the 27/12/12 on the way to Southampton who told me the same story, Just finished a fashion show in London and was on his way back to Italy and had this gear he didn't want to take back home but wanted some money to buy his eighteen year old son a birthday present. One woollen suit, one woollen overcoat, one leather jacket, one leather coat and one suede jacket later, I parted with GBP300.00. The goods looked very nice and felt like quality but as we now know, I not a good judge of high fashion. No wonder he looked pleased when this white haired old man told him I was visiting the UK from Australia. I don't think I'll wear any of the gear if it's raining. If you want to contact "Francesco" his email address is [protected] That should have been the clue, Yahoo!

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  • Ho
      Feb 25, 2013

    Hey, the same story from Prague, Czech Republic. Italian guy stopped me in a garage in shopping center Eden.
    Well dressed guy in Audi Q5 with Italian registration.
    He gave me 2 jackets and one suit. he told me that it is a gift and then he wanted 300euro. A gave him 120 euro for 2 fake jackets and one fake suit.

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  • In
      Mar 02, 2013

    Hi all,

    I guess, I should have seen these posts before. It just happened to me today in Montreal. He was an Italian guy, sounds very convincing. Travelling in a SUV rental car. I told him I don't have enough money, but he still insisted me to buy. Having pity on him, I bought three jackets for 250 dollars. I guess, form now on, I shouldn't believe any guys like this, and shouldn't buy anything outside stores. It's a big learning lesson for me. Anyways, for now, I can just give away these jackets to my friends for free. I learned my lesson, never again, I thought may be here, people are more honest and you can believe them. But, again I don't wan't to generalize, I should be smart enough to find the difference.

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  • La
      Mar 05, 2013

    Geneva (Switzerland):
    Same same here.. Was on the parking of Media Markt in Carouge, Geneva and an italian guy in an Opel Corsa came to me telling me that he was in trouble to go back to Roma, Italia with his car as he spent all of his money in casino the day before.. He was SO convincing and looked SO sad (comedia dell'arte here we come) that I felt bad for him... He sold me a suit, 4 sleeves, 2 ties, 2 belts for CHF 270.- (looked like a good deal but this is poor quality)... As per the security of the market, it's not the first time he does that at this place... Next time he'll be in big trouble if he meets one of the people I know who heard about this story...

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  • Mu
      Mar 08, 2013

    This after noon in London just behind the marble arch area near Edgware road. An italian guy approached me with a citroen which looked as a rental car and he thought I was italian and came and spoke to me in italian which I know as my 4th language. He looked like someone in the 50's and had a gray hair with a hazel eyes... He showed me those jackets and told me they are a line of Emporio armani and that he has lost his many in a casinoand he needs to get to the airport and he took a light and started burning the jackets without them getting damaged just to proof the quality for me and then he asked me for 200 pounds for 2 jackets and I refused telling him I'm not carrying any cash with me. So he offered me 4 jackets for 100 pounds and I agreed then I went to the nearest ATM machine and withdrew the money and gave it to him and he took 1 jacket away without me noticing. He was definately italian because although i spoke to him with his language he didn't seem to worry as if he was pretending and when he was counting the money it was in italian.

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  • Vl
      Mar 21, 2013

    WOW 'my hubby had a close encounter with one of these Italian guys just to-day !! Hubby saw an accident and stopped to help, plus give his eye witness account to the police, The driver of the rental that was hit was an Italian man fellow and after speaking with police and their taking his info, were going to tow his car back to the rental agency . Now the man kept saying he needed to get to the Pearson airport, as he was going to miss his plane.. asked the police to give him a lift, the officer said he could not help him, so my husband offered to drive him there as a favour as he felt sorry for the man.. Well, once they arrived at the terminal, the Italian guy takes out all his luggage he had put in the back seat including these two big bags with EGA Emporio Collection written on them, He proceeds to tell my husband he cannot take these bags with leather jackets with him on the plane and proceeds to give they to my husband as a gift. He was not asked for any money and after reading these posts, we both see this Italian guy was just wanting to get away from the police fast as he could.., Guess we will give these jackets to family & friends if they fit them.. I know my husband would not have bought them & perhaps the man realized this too.. Talk about a scam, I doubt if he was even flying home, hubby just gave him an escape from the police.

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  • Ho
      Apr 12, 2013

    Hi all,
    a few months ago I bought 3 fake stuffs from Italian guy in Prague, Czech republic.
    Yesterday, I saw him again! He was driving the same car so I decidet to chase him.
    I called police, but he got lost...
    There is a photo of his car and registration...

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  • Ze
      May 21, 2013

    I had the unfortunate experience today, 2 italians, spoke broken Spanish no English. Showed me ID, passport, credit cards, fed me a story about paying taxes to take them back to Italy (jackets) I'm in the Dallas Ft. Worth area and GOD forbid I come across other Italian scammers, I WILL get my money back and whatever else they carry. I don't scam I just take...patience is a virtue, I'll collect with interest, ###s.

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  • Bo
      Jun 03, 2013

    He is in Downtown Toronto now!!! (Spadina and Church)
    Fake name: Antonio D.
    Car: White Mazda SUV - Rental
    Plate: BMMW421

    The story is always the same: He is an Armani Managing Director, with fake business card, and is leaving for Italy... Asking in Italian for indications to the Airport. He doesn't want to take the jackets with him coz he will pay duty at the border. So he gave them to me and asked if I could give him some money so he can buy an Ipad for his son at the airport.
    I have reported the guy to the police. They are investigating... Hope they catch this ###!!!

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  • Vo
      Jul 03, 2013

    As I am reading this a few things come to mind. First, I just cannot believe people would buy something from someone under the circumstances described. Wow, some people are truly gullible! Next, a few people have referred to "Emporio Fashion" while others have referred to "Emporio Armani." Emporio Armani is one of the least expensive and poorest quality product made by Giorgio Armani and not something I would ever buy anyway. That said, there is a small leather maker in Italy that goes by the name "Emporio" High Fashion Leather by Chris Skarmutsos. Chris Skarmutsos is at Emporio (40 via de' Benci) just off Piazza Santa Croce and Saja (22 via Vacchereccia) near Piazza della Signoria in Italy. If THAT is the coat any of you bought then you got a truly good deal. Those coats/jackets are actually handmade in Italy of fine Italian leather and you would be able to tell the difference between one of his jackets and a cheap Chinese knock-off. So, not really sure what all of you are talking about, but if you do your homework and use common sense you can get nice quality items for decent prices.

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  • In
      Jun 18, 2018

    @vote4tom I bought a jacket from Chris Skarmutsos today. It ripped the first time I put it on and revealed the thinnest leather I have ever seen. The hotel said it was fake leather. I took it to him to ask to return it because of the tear (less than 2 hours after buying it, he said he would fix it. He took it out of the shop for repair and it was a horrible repair job. He refused to give me a refund and began yelling at me, scaring my child. I called the hotel from his shop and they could hear him yelling. They asked if I felt uncomfortable and unsafe, I said yes - at which point they told me to call the police. He threatened to keep the merchandise and charge me an extra 30 euros to take the badly repaired jacket. I asked for a new jacket and he refused. The police told him over the phone that he must repair it better or issue a refund. The whole experience ended with me taking the fake leather badly repaired jacket. My son and I missed our tour into the countryside for dinner ($200) because of this. No discount, no exchange, no return, no nothing- except a fake leather shell he said I can use in case it rips again. When he tells you he makes the jackets, donʻt believe him. He said if I met him in the morning he would have the people who did the repair do a better repair job but our train leaves at 9:24 am and I do not trust him after he threatened to keep my money and the jacket while I walked away with nothing and down approximately $200. He is a scam artist and I plan on reporting him wherever I can, including with the VOLFAGLI FIRENZE company as he was using their brand and misrepresenting it. He also claimed to be Italian and I asked him about his last name which is Greek then he got uncomfortable and more mad. Buyer beware!

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      Jun 01, 2019

    @vote4tom Hi Guys, Just got the same experience with the same type of Italian english and french speaking in London but I can assure you that I travel a lot in Asia and even those jackets and suit are fake Emporio Fasion ( NOT ARMANI), the quality what I got for $300 is finally worth the price of the screwed guy manged to get off. So for those who wanted to get a geniune ARMANI they must be ready to pay more that $800 bucks and not complaining for $200-$400 cost.

    Please think more logical on quality/price issue.

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      Aug 06, 2013

    Same here was in a gas station in cancun an 2 italian dudes aproached me asking if i spoke italian which i said no only english and spanish and then said
    To me that they work for an italian distributor armani as sales person and that they just recieved 4 jackets as gifts and that they dont want to take it home since they have to pay tax on there way out and they were heading out in an hour they showed me
    Flight tickets to italy passports and a bunch of money stating that they dont
    Need the cash that they gonna give me 3 jackets free if i bought 1 for 400 US which i had on me but was doubting them then i said i only had a 100 one but they insisted for a bit more so i gave them 150 US for 4 jackets. Really i was excited until i read theses stories they are good at scaming
    Until wen i started reading the
    Post lol.

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