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Employment Development Department / california edd

1 Oakland, CA, United States

Unprofessional, late, and rude!!

The rep called thirty to fourth minutes late and had the worst attitude like I was the reason for her calling late. Now that we established that I have irritated her with answering my phone, she needs to know who all is in my home. All she wanted to talk about is who is in my home, where are they at. Since she was late I was sitting in front of a welfare case worker. Already they are uncomfortable with how bad she wants to know where my kids are, I already gave her names, sex, and ages. Which the people sitting with me are wondering why am I answering her questions. She asked how do I take care of my children because "she doesn't want me to ever apply again." I told her I have never received before so what is she talking about. She asked where my children went to school since my advisors were uncomfortable they told me to not tell her the correct location. Once a slot opens up at oakland unified school district you are in, so why did she say that she didn't want me to do this because "how will you take care of your children?" immediately they told me not to tell her the exact location because is she cps or unemployment?! So I said I received daycare, really the are at a oakland cdc slot and I was willing to prove the date I got in and had the meeting on grand st, I was just now willing to give that to her. She said you have no daycare so you can't take care of your kids... Again they are in oakland unified school district. If the call was really recorded they can hear me say carl b munck. I corrected her mis-information twice, which later I was advised by someone else that I answered several illegal questions. I know this is true because I have tried to contact the edd several time immediately after the call that day and all I got was an email stating "please give us your contact information and someone will get back to you." that day was december 19th — — today is december 29th. Every time you call, like today at 8:01. "due to call volume we are unable to take your call." I believe she was trained to treat people that way. Once she said I wasn't eligible because I worked this job before and why didn't I claim in between the times this year. She acted as if I didn't give that information and at the end of the call I knew I was disqualified because she said I did wrong. So she left me trying to figure out why did she make me feel fraudulent - I didn't do anything wrong. They will never contact or acknowledge, and i'm pretty sure if they do I bet no one has access to that "recorded call." I was advised that once someone already decided you are not qualified do not answer her personal questions. So I learned if you leave a job and go back, then later for whatever reason you no longer work for them - automatically you are disqualified, because when you were on break with that employer you have to claim unemployment. Even when you didn't need to, you won't be able to when you do need to.

Dec 29, 2017

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