Emirates / most unreliable airline - book with another airline!

Dubai, South Africa Review updated:

My husband and I have flown with Emirates twice now and each time we have an issue with our bags. First time our bags were broken into and recently (landed from JFK last night) my one bag is damaged and the other missing!

Whilst Emirates is a good airline in terms of flight attendants and experience, your service levels regarding passenger baggage is terrible! As a passenger I do not care about the food and entertainment options (that's a nice to have) my first and only concern is my family's safety and personal belongings.

Each time Emirates has disappointed us. I still do not have any feedback regarding my missing bag and cannot express how disappoint I am for the second time around.

Jan 6, 2015
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  • Mo
      9th of Aug, 2015

    On Aug 6th I travelled from Bangalore to Dallas in Emirates Flights.. When I boarded from Dubai to Dallas, (early morning/ 16 hour flight) a young steward came to me and said, "I am going to take care of you ..bla bla.." I requested him in writing that I need my first meal 2 hours after take off as i wanted to sleep for a while. He agreed to my request. (I was in Business class 10 G) Two and a half hours later I woke up and tried to call him but no one showed up. I walked to the bar area and found an airhostess and enquired about my meal. She said she will send this guy ASAP. Nothing happened for another hour. I went back and forth eventually this guy showed up with an attitude. "I thought you don't want to eat. If you want I can give you something cold" I tried you explain but he vanished again. So I went to the Bar area and got a sandwich.(He brought cold Saman but I couldn't eat/ no choice) My next meal came before landing that is almost 14 hour later. After paying business class fare (doesn't matter which class you fly) I couldn't get a proper meal. By the way they serve only two meals in a long non stop flight (16 hour) . Most of staff looks friendly but they won't deliver. My advise to future passengers. Please pack your own food in this world class, many award winning flight!!!. Next time I will spend my money some where else. Best, KP

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