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United Arab Emirates

Flight ek216, lax to dubai
My family and i, total 5 adults were flying from lax to kuala lumpur. Going was all good stewdess but return all stewdess was good except megan. She was so rude and played a dirty game on religion believes. All my family requested for scrambled eggs because we cannot eat veal sausage (Religion reasons). But stewdess megan forcing me to eat veal sausage saying its a kind of meat but 100% its not beef. Then I told her its beef but she said no and showed me the angry face. I asked her to please check and she checked with justine another friendly stewdess. Megan came back and said no more scrambled eggs and this is a flight and eat as what they have. I said no way because she has to check around before making the decision because I am a frequent flyer and know the way stewdess works. But lazy megan immediately said that this is a flight and we have to follow what she says. Then came justine passing 5 sets of scambled eggs to megan. Megan passed to my adult kids the scambled eggs and passed my wife and me the omelette with veal sausage instead. I guess she is still not happy and want to play the dirty tricks on me. I asked megan what is her intention of doing this. Megan replied its not her mistake but the ground staff mistake for changing the top cover. I told scambled eggs are yellow cover and the veal was red. The ground staff gave correctly but its megan who is so upset and want to punish my wife and me by eating beef. She purposely gave us the red thinking we that stupid to eat wthout checking. Its a 16 hours flight and look at stewdess playing a bad game on us. We are hindu religion and cow is one of the deity to whom we pray. Never knew emirates senior stewdess with such an attitude. She did not say a single word of sorry except the angry stare. I told the chief amel in the flight and she was so sad this things happenned and said sorry and encouraged me to log in a complaint since I want to do so. Question but what happens if my wife and I eat the veal and who is to carry the sins. Why megan did not check around whether there was still scrambled eggs available in a380. Importantly she was showing her red angry face and I was scared that she might put me into bigger trouble since she cannot get me by the wrong food. Amel and justine was apologetic and I should give credit to the whole friendly crew except a dot like megan to bringing down the good reputation of other emirates crew. Looking forward for a reply before I copy this to other websites. Megan is capable to do this to another passenger. Its sad emirates going to lose 5 tickets at least 2 times in a year as we are frequent flyer with emirates.

Feb 1, 2017

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