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Good day,
I traveled from Dubai on the 26th of June my bags has been missing they were able to retrieve some but still missing 1 bag until July 29th I got a call that they found the last bag and that they will put it in delta airline so I can go pick it up at delta in Atlanta. I have been to the airport more than 7 times even traveled down to New Jessy they were just pushing me around even when I called the call center is like no one understand my plight I have an important document in that bag and a lot of valuable things which I'm suspecting that the guy that called me might have stole my bag because the bag was not locked. MY point now is to ask the guy by name Brandon and his cell phone is [protected] please contact him and get me my bag for me, because I've heard about your company stealing passengers bags this is just a confirm to me. If i don't get my bag by the end of next week I will be left with no choice than to go to New Jessy and call all the news reporters and let them know how Emirate stole my bag.
Olabisi Akanji

Aug 25, 2018
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