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dubai, United Arab Emirates

I am writing to you today to outline the most horrific experience I have ever encountered in my time flying.

Firstly I purchased 4 tickets at $2, 000 that were on top of a flight I had already paid for. I did this specifically so I could connect with a 10:30am flight from Abu Dhabi to be back in Sydney by Friday morning.

Firstly the flight was delayed due to a minor mechanical failure but what followed and how the captain delt with this was beyond words and nothing more than negligence on his behalf.

He failed to let the passengers know what was happening, the aircraft power kept turning off leaving us in darkesss and without air conditioning. This in turn caused panic amongst the passengers to the point where they were trying to open the doors. At this stage the pilot was just saying sit down there is nothing wrong. The panic on the plane turned to mass hysteria where all flight attendants had to block the doors to stop passangers trying to open them. People were screaming, my children were frightened to the point where they were hyperventilating. I have never in my life experienced anything like this and cannot believe how badly the pilot delt with the situation. He then told passengers we are going and whoever wanted to disembark could do so, we then spent the next hour letting people off. This situation should never have escalated to this point and should the pilot have been in contact with passengers explaining the delays and issues with power it would not have happened.

My husband had to help by calming passengers down and Gerri g them to sit in their seats so we could leave.

This flight eventually left but then arrived way past the original arrival time causing us to miss our connecting Etihad flight out of Abu Dhabi.

We then spoke to Ginam who is apparently the manager at the transfer desk who told us he would put us on the emirates flight leaving at 10:30. We were rushed to the gate and then told they would not allow us on as we didn't pay for the ticket. The 3 staff we delt with were confused, unable to give us an answer or help us in any way. We were ferried all over the airport for about an hour with two children that had not slept in 24 hours and were beside themselves.

At this stage Ginam came back and said there's nothing he can do for us, his job is done as he got us to Dubai and that is all Emirates needed to do.

I explained to him that the only reason we purchased tickets for the flight was to catch the early flight from Abu Dhabi otherwise we would've waited for our original flight the next day and not had to spend the extra $2000

Again he said that emirates had done their job getting us to Dubai and he was doing all he could to help us which was absolutely nothing.

He then sent us to the lounge so the children could sleep and said he would work on a solution for us. We had to go and find him at 3 PM at which time we discovered he had done absolutely nothing and said that putting us in the lounge was his solution. He had not followed up customer service to try and organize a refund on a flight as he said he would too but then turned around and told us we need to do that. We then had to go and find out bags and find a transfer to Abu Dhabi. He lied to us and basically washed his hands of us

We then had to try and find our bags which should have been done for us earlier as we were told they may take hours to get our luggage back to us. We had 30 minutes to be on a coach to transfer to Abu Dhabi so yet again were forced to deal with more stress and the situation where we may miss the evening flight.
The baggage people said they could not get our bags to us and would have to leave without them. I cannot believe that they had not sorted this out for us.

I am appalled at the service we received and the experience we were put through by your company.

I am requesting compensation and that our money be returned for the flight from Beirut to Dubai due to the fact that it was emirates fault that we couldn't get our connecting flight and therefore did not need to even take that flight and spend the extra money

I also want the money back for the transfer I had to organise to get us to Abu Dhabi because we were lied to and told a transfer would be waiting for us which was never the case.

Your manager made a point clear he was willing to do nothing to help us nor would he even attempt to put us on one of your flights as we had already paid for Etihad and if we wanted a flight out of out of Dubai I would have to pay again for flight should we want to leave on emirates from Dubai

I am so furious at the experience and the way we been treated today and I will be taking this to the media and making sure they are aware of what happened on this aircraft. I also have video evidence that I will be passing on to the media on how badly this situation was handled and the drama and stress it caused the passengers.

I have never in my entire time flying had such appalling service and experiences with an airline. I can't believe how many of your staff could not provide us with any help and how we were left without a solution.

I expect a prompt response to my email and your confirmation of what compensation will be provided to us.


Ty Melhem

Sep 18, 2017

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