Emirates Group / Emirates.comcustomer service/ paid extra £200 per person and they didn't let me board my plane

To who it may concern
My mother is elderly & it was her last request to fly to Pakistan
Out of all airlines I chose Emirates thinking my mum would never have any problems & she was in safe hands with the best airline I've ever travelled
Unfortunately on her flight back from Islamabad airport, Pakistan the check in office had closed the desk & was very rude. There were still 45 mins to the flight
Being elderly & someone who required a wheelchair ... no one helped her, not even management.
They were waiting in a two hour queue... where my mother had to stand( without a wheelchair) & then after all the chaos of being pushed around, they closed the check in
No announcement & so much attitude & rudeness
I was very shocked indeed
There were at least 30 people who were not boarded & left behind st the airport with nothing but stress & £200 bill to be checked into a next flight
I have travelled many times but can't believe that my mum was treated this way. She suffers from angina & kidney failure. I only sent her believing that her flight would be if the highest standard
She suffered at the airport for several hours waiting for the next flight on top of an extra charge
Her legs & feet were swollen & she was in a lot of pain & distress
It's been 2 weeks & my mother is still suffering the tiredness
I'm really appalled that she would have such a terrible experience
The doctors have said she could pass away any day due to her condition
I would never expect this for a fit person never mind an elderly
For your company to treat passengers this way is not acceptable at all
She had a beautiful break & a terrible ending on a flight experience that she will never forget
I have always travelled on Emirates & vouched that I would never travel with anyone else
I still can't believe the way they treated her!!!
Please reply as soon as possible

There was also a child and another adult travelling with her who suffered too
They have forwarded their complaint too

This was on the flight EK613 on 29th of Apri 2017 from Islamabad to Dubai

May 14, 2017

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