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Dear Emirates Team,
Would like to bring a few aspects to your notice. It is based on the Emirates Flight(s) which my family took yesterday (12.06.2017) from Bengaluru, India to Zurich, Switzerland.
Flights: EK565 and EK085

Travelers: Mahima Marin (Wife), Daya Dilip (Infant Daughter)

Rather than writing at length, shall put it across in bullet points.
1. Wife was travelling with our infant daughter, her check in baggage's and stroller. We have been flying Oman / Qatar Airways before and they ensured that there was assistance offered for check-in to a Mother travelling with an infant, due to the obvious difficulties they face in moving about. For example a preference for check in and help with the baggage. Emirates service was disappointing. First when asked for help the Counter guided her to the Air India desk saying they do the helping, whereas Air India clearly replied that the flight you are travelling in, should do the helping. Back and forth walking in big airports is not a very pleasant experience, especially at the end of it if you did not receive any assistance.
2. At the boarding gate, they were informed that all assistance is available only from the boarding gate forward. This does not make sense, since a mother who could handle the situation until then can handle it for another 5 minutes.
3. In the Flight; Mr. Ahmed, the Flight Steward; least being helpful, were throwing sneers at Mahima since the baby was crying. However, it was a relief that the hostess on board were sweet.
4. We understand that the baggage needs to be kept on overhead racks especially during take-off and landing. Airline also advises mothers that they should feed the baby during these times. Now a mother travelling alone with the baby may not be in a position to get up, leaving the crying baby to keep the bags overhead. It is only humane to expect some help. Mr. Ahmed again comes back with a sneer and no offer to help with the bags.

We had specifically booked Emirates this time, considering numerous suggestions that you are the best. However, we would rate you way below compared to the other airlines, we have travelled on the same route. What we have mentioned above may not matter much to a big airline, but such things matter to a mother who is travelling with an infant.
Hope the airline gives this feedback due consideration.

Mahima Marin

Jun 22, 2017

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