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Dubai, United Kingdom
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It is with regret that I find myself writing to Emirates complaints department. Over the years I have flown long haul many times with Emirates but I am extremely disappointed by my experience on this occasion and hence my reason for writing.
I had booked a flight to Hong Kong back in June last year to depart Manchester on March 3rd with a return on 17th March. Unfortunately I was unable to go on the holiday and cancelled prior, requesting a full refund minus the penalties paid for cancelling the two tickets (as above).
I received confirmation that a sum of £3279.36 would be deposited back into my account. Unfortunately the original card and account were closed at the end of November last year and so it is not possible for the money to be transferred back to that account. In fact I no longer bank with Lloyds. I have not therefore received the money owed. Already it has been extremely disappointing not to have gone on the holiday but this is now adding to that and has become quite frustrating. I wanted to book another flight with the refunded money to an alternative destination but I have now waited several weeks with no sign of a refund despite my persistence with trying to communicate with your customer services and central refund department both verbally and via many Emails, most of which are now not even being acknowledged.
Emirates representatives from the central refunds inform me that there is nothing that can be done by your company and that it is my responsibility to speak to the bank (with which I no longer bank) to address this issue. I have spoken and been into the Lloyds branch on three separate occasions now and they have told me each time that there is no way that the money could have been transferred to an account that no longer exists as it would have been blocked nor do they have a holding account into which it may have sat temporarily. They have advised that it would have come directly back to your bank and may well be in a holding account.
I even sent an Email to BUD leaders as advised on the telephone with confirmation that the account had been closed and details of a different account for the money to be paid into. On March 15th I received a message saying “Thank you very much for sending us the account details and documents, I have already sent them to our colleagues at the Central Refunds department. Usually the refund process takes about 3-4 weeks, if the amount will not be credited to your account within this time frame, please let us know and we will check the situation”. On March 16th I received a further message to say “The Central Refunds Department just informed me that the refund was already processed to the Visa card 4921******9926. I would advise to contact your bank in order to transfer the amount to the new card account since we have no longer access to this amount due to the processed refund. Thank you for your kind understanding”
Is it not possible for you to trace where this money has gone from your end as I can do nothing further here? I find it hard to believe that this situation has not arisen before. This cannot be an isolated incident. There has to be a way around this. I am now owed a large amount of money, which I would like returned to me as soon as possible. There simply has to be a solution other than to say I need to sort this out myself. Despite several efforts I am going around in circles.
I would ask you to now kindly look into this further and I look forward to hearing your comments and a solution.

Mar 23, 2017

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