Emirates Flight Ek 768 On 14 / 12 / 14 / bad treatment

[email protected], Gauteng Pretoria, South Africa

i booked a flight on Emirates to fly from South Africa to Australia on 14th December 2014. The main reason i booked on this airline is because i got told they have a on board nanny to help me when i fly with my 13 month old baby. This was not the case. On the first leg of my traveling, flight EK 768 i got the worst treatment ever! My baby was very difficult and no help was offered at all. When i asked for the bassinet that i booked the flight attendant was extremely rude and obdurate. I was told he is to big and i can not put him in there. My baby was within the weight restriction but as far as they were concerned he was to tall. I had to sit with a screaming baby on my lap for 8 hours. This was really hard and embarrassing as the gentlemen next to me was clearly very uncomfortable and annoyed with the situation . I'm still in Australia and i am dreading the trip back. This will be the last flight ever on Emirates and i will defiantly not recommend this to anybody!!

Anxiously awaiting your prompted response

Dec 21, 2014

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