Emirates / delay departure at dxb but stranded all canadians at airport for 9 hours


On december 8 ek241 flight from dubai to toronto was delayed at dubai airport for over 8 hours but emirates ground staff stranded and abandoned all canadian passengers including of sick women, children and senior citizens. First they told us that there is a technical fault wait for 2 hours in the same area then after 2 hours it was told to wait for another 3 hours, when passengers asked to provide wifi or calling cards to arrange next travel arrangements they refused even did not provided food voucher. At that point we strongly protested then there comes their manager who rudely distributed food voucher after 4 hours. We asked what about the proper lounge to rest they said they all paid services including of calling card and wifi we cannot do anything else and left and after sufferings and agony plus loss of next travel arrangements we got no help from emirates at all. They treated canadians as prisioners and keep searching again and again but did nothing for providing proper lounge to rest, calling card or wifi to schedule travel plan changes from yyz and care for seniors and children.

Jan 8, 2015

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