Emirates Airlineslost property

I have complaint about lost property iphone 6 (gold color, 16 gb, cover of the phone gold color with small white line front and back) inside the flight emirates airlines ek 123 on 23 of january 2015 from dubai to istanbul. When we arrived I move from my seat out of the aircraft and I found that I forgot my mobile on the seat and I was back immediately in two minutes and I didnt found. I asked the cabin crew to check seats and even after cleaning the aircraft they said that nothing found so it is mean stolen. On my way back from istanbul to dubai on 3 of february I visit office lost and found in dubai (And in turkey as well) but they just apologize. I sent a lot of emails there and here to emirates airlines team just to double check inside and between the seats (35a and 35b zone d) but again and again I face the same reply. Even inside the aircraft available cameras and it is easy to check how and who stole the phone but no one take any action. One week already I trying to contact the team but without result and everyone knows that emirates airlines the best, safety and strong airlines in the world and they care about their passengers and their valuable things. I hope that after this complaint you will find the right action to help me.

Olga loghinova,

Feb 09, 2015

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