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I would like to make a complaint against emirates airlines which we had assumed to be the best airline considering other people's feedback. We have just completed our travel from india to dubai via emirates economy class where the flight was good. Our connection from dubai to los angeles was however an ordeal. On this 16 hour flight the service was atrocious ! The baby bassinet was requested before the food could be served but nothing happened, the crew went ahead and served us before bringing the bassinet as a result I had to balance my tray on top of my baby and some how managed to finish my meal and still there was no assistance from the crews side to clear my tray, this is not what we expect from one of the leading airlines. We had no option but wait until another flight attendant was reminded about the bassinet and then it arrived after one hour. After the bassinet arrived, we requested for baby food, that again took almost 45 minutes to appear, since it was a 16 hour flight we needed more baby food so I eventually got up myself and went to the galley to get the baby food, if we are going to tend for own services I don't know why we have crew on board for us, then to add to our so called excellent services we were given, one of the air hostesses was requested for hot water to make the child's milk, she topples it all over the aisle seat luckily it did not fall on the child, as I was seated on the window seat but she in turn got scalded. Finally before we could deplane at la we were not given the customs declaration form and had to, with a 9 months old baby, have to leave the immigration clearance line, fill the form and re-enter the line. The staff on board were completely unhelpful and not becoming of emirates. I feel that on board assistance for parents traveling with infants should be given as top priority and in this regard, your crew need upgrading or else emirates is going to lose a lot of customers. We are scheduled to fly back at the end of april and hope that there is no recurrence of such incidents and hope that the crew are more helpful.

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  • Ma
      13th of Mar, 2012

    I am writing to vent my disgust with Emirates Airlines. After a holiday in Singapore, my husband and I were looking forward to our flight back to Melbourne. We had heard only good reports about Emirates. (wish I had looked on Trip Advisor!!) Our flight was direct from Singapore to Melbourne and was on the 8th March at 10.25 arriving at 8.50 am. Flight no. 404.
    The service is what was very bad on this flight. My husband asked for a drink and was told to wait 5 mins. 30 mins. later he finally got a drink after we had grabbed another attendant in the aisle and asked again. The main complaint was that I went up to the kitchen area and asked a male attendant to help me get my overhead luggage as my medication was in it. He didn't even reply and I was left to fend for myself. While doing this, I opened my luggage overhead and was nearly knocked out by something else that had been put in it. This lack of service is totally unacceptable and something should be done about it as I will be telling many people about it.
    I would like a reply from Emirates to at least give me an apology for not helping me with the medication.

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  • Re
      4th of Apr, 2012

    Crew aren't covered for injury if they lift baggage, if your bag is so heavy it would 'knock you out' then it shouldn't be up there. And they do say to be careful when opening the locker in case other things have moved.

    It depends when you ask for the drink. If you ask them right after takeoff they have stuff to do to get meals ready so of course they ask people to wait or they will be there all night with no meals served at all!

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  • Hm
      29th of Apr, 2012

    What happened to you when you went and got your baby food from the galley? did you loose a leg or did you suffer fatique when you got up and excercised? whats next? bring the toilet to you? you are lucky you weren't on an american airline company, you would have been treated worse!

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