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To whom it may concern,
I am writing this email to engage with Emirates to find reimbursement for my most recent travels from Karachi to Sydney via Dubai on 31st Dec. It was very disappointing to see how Emirates treated their passengers in an event of an emergency or bad weather.
My flight from Karachi (EK 412) booking reference EK/QEPXVF was supposed to depart at 5.30am on 31st Dec 2016 and was delayed for approximately 9 hours at the Jinnah International Airport due to Fog. I understand that there was a risk of flying but the sad part came afterwards. First of all there was no announcement or prior warning of potential flight delays given to me when I was getting my boarding pass. Second, Emirates failed to provide any hotel or proper accommodation. I was told to wait near gate number 26. There was no Wi-Fi which made it super hard to contact my family. The remaining passengers were hungry and sleep deprived. There was no breakfast served until after 2 hours had passed. Emirates staff also promised lunch but there was nothing provided.
Due to this 9 hour delay, I missed my connecting flight to Sydney from Dubai booking reference EK/QEPXVF.
After reaching Dubai at approximately 16:00pm, I was told that my next best available flight to Sydney is via Melbourne and that departs next day at 10:00am. I was given hotel accommodation at Dubai to which I am thankful for.
Next day, my Dubai to Mel flight was delayed by 2 hours as well which made me to miss my connecting Qantas flight to Sydney at 8:00am. To top it off, when I finally reached Sydney on 2nd Jan 2017 after travelling for 49 hours, I was made aware that my luggage had been misplaced and was lost. I was in so much stress as I had all my important belongings in that bag.
As far as the financial loss is concerned, I lost AUD $948 in wages for 2 days as I was working on 1st and 2nd Jan 2017 and I was supposed to receive double time for those days.
I believe it is only fair that Emirates reimburse me $948 which I lost in wages and I expect a healthy reimbursement for all the mental stress that I received during travels. I am a loyal customer and make a point to travel with Emirates whenever possible but this last instance was very painful.
You can contact me via email at [protected] with regards to this communication.

Best Regards,
Ibrahim Fakhruddin,

Jan 8, 2017
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      11th of Jan, 2017

    Subject: ebookers travel confirmation - 9 Jan - (Itin# 7234813900318)
    Travel dates : 10 Jan 2017 - 11 Jan 2017
    Itinerary #7234813900318
    ConfirmationM83TUJ (Emirates)
    Ticket #
    1761012197015 (Astero Lovaris)
    1761012197016 (Panikos Lovaris)
    Booking ID 4CRXMU

    Hi im sending you an email in regards to a flight incidence that happened on the dates shown above. All the information of this flight is shown above.
    So we arrived in Cairo and there there was a huge delay to our flight in which nobody came to apologize neither did they mention this on the attenois.
    In every flight, whenever there is a delay there was an email, a call or someone there to apologize and also refund in regards to your delay.
    However none of the above was done.
    So once we arrived we tried to get on our plane towards Dubai. However the nightmare began when this guy called Jamal part of your security came up to us and he was very very rude, very bad manners, treated us in the worst way possible searching us so much as if we were criminals.
    So we tell this security man, to let us continue towards the gates to our flight however he insisted that we had no tickets. He said specifically that we cannot get on to this flight to Dubai.
    So all the talk and the distraction by this terrible man wasted a lot of time therefore we were very delayed to our flight and also our phone shut down so we could not prove after all that we were on this flight although they could of just checked on their system. Absolutely stunned by this behavior. i was in shock i felt sick and i felt like i was psychologically disturbed by this mans behavior. So by luck the phone went on therefore we showed the ticket to them so therefore we were running before the gates shut to get onto our flight. Meanwhile this man Jamal, did not apologize but rather asked us not to cause him any problems or file a complaint.
    Unfortunately to the fact that this had an awful health effect on me Astero and Panikos lovaris. We prefer to save the next person onto this flight having Jamal assisting as security.
    We finally arrived to Melbourne when they had told us that our suitcases are still in Cairo. I mean the service is awful thats all I can actually say.
    Emirates is thought to be one of the best. All i can say is that this was not a great experience for us.
    I would like to hear your say to this.
    After I do hear you then I will be filling a further complaint, review emirates, make sure that all the people around me will be safe and not end with a health issue due to a flight with emirates. if required, further action will be taken according to how my health will be.

    I am awaiting for your reply.

    thank you,
    Astro Lovari
    Panikos Lovari
    Chris Lovari

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