Emirates Airlineno inflight entertainment

Hi, I flew with Emirates from Manchester to Dubai on Jan 8th 2017. My monitor with entertainment was not working so I had no entertainment, I asked the air hostess who said she would restart the screen, after 1 hour I asked her again and she said she would do it again, nothing ever happened and I must of spoke to about 4 air hostesses who told me they would reload the system. After 6 hours of staring at a screen that was blank a male member of cabin crew approached my row so I asked him if he knew how to fix it, he then proceeded to tell me that the entertainment system for my seat was unavailable and that the flight crew were made aware of this before we boarded and they should of notified me, this was the most expensive flight I've ever paid so to get service that was so bad when everyone else had entrainment was frustrating, the worst part is that no member of cabin crew told me that it was broken and kept leading me to believe that it would be on anytime soon, 7 hours of staring at a blank screen while everyone around you is enjoying their entertainment is very frustrating.

Jan 11, 2017

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