Emirates Airline / kiri cheese spread served aboard flight ek 0202, ref# h4nyub from new york city jfk to kochi, india

United Arab Emirates, US
Contact information:

We, Alexander Korah & Daisy Alexander Korah, traveled on flight EK 0202 on 10/25/2016. During our flight, we were served with dinner and the cheese served aboard was found to be spoiled. We brought the matter to the attention of the flight attendant and a manager by name Jamil Yousff, Tel. [protected], came to us. He apologized us for supplying spoiled cheese and served us with some extra cheese. He also promised us some kind of compensation towards the stress and fear related to receiving spoiled food aboard.

We were alarmed at the sight of "black fungus like stuff covered cheese served on flight" on us. We were worried about all other passengers on board as well about the quality of the cheese as well as food served aboard. I have taken the picture of cheese package served on flight. However, I could not attach it to this complaint.

We request proper investigations and adequate remedies to avoid future incidents like this aboard Emirates Flights.

We hope we will receive proper response and compensation for the fear filled and worry-some trip we had to complete on Emirates flight EK 0202 on 10/25/2016.

Alexander Korah
Daisy Alexander

Emirates Airline

Nov 28, 2016

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