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Emirates Airline / horrible customer service from ground staff

1 Thailand

The incident happened on saturday 13th february 2010 around 23.30 hrs. At suvarnabhumi international airport, bangkok thailand. I was not the one who flied but I accompanied my mom who needed to board on flight ek 419 to dubai and then boarding another flight ek27 from dubai to glasgow scotland, which both flights are operated by emirates airline.

The problem that upset us and pissed me off so much occurred at the check-in counter as flight ek 419 was delayed from 2.25 hrs. To be 3.10 hrs. (40 minutes delay) , which resulted in the plane arriving in dubai at 6.30 hrs. Another flight in dubai that my mom needs to catch departs at 7.20 hrs. Because the gate normally closed about 20-30 minutes before departure time, my mom has just 30 minutes to move from one plane to another.

The delay would not be the case if this was a direct flight but as this was a transit flight, time does matter as it means there was high possibility that my mom will miss the flight departing from dubai. The thing that disappointed us the most was the way emirates airline ground staff handled our problem, which I considered as inefficient, ignorant and below the standard of international airline.

At first the check-in staff offered my mom to board on the flight that leave earlier at 1.00 hrs. So we immediately accepted that offer. After several calls she made, suddenly she twisted her tongue and told us that the solution she suggested was not possible anymore and we had to stick with our same delayed flight ek419. She said the reason was the staff at the end of telephone line refused to let us change the flight. What??? Just like that! The check-in staff said she tried her best but the staff who has authorization over this refused to accommodate our request.

We had not been explained why that staff in the line refused us to change the flight. A better solution was right there in front of our face to ease my mom concern of missing her flight, why the airline refused?
You know what the check-in staff said? & ldquo;ahh, there is nothing I can do so you have to take a delayed flight and if you miss a flight in dubai, the staff there will assist you” - oh wow it sounds like missing a flight is an easy situation for her but obviously it is not an acceptable situation for us especially when there is an earlier flight available!

Why the customer has to experience the problem first before emirates airline staff take any action?

Why emirates airline does not provide the better option to prevent the foreseen problem to occur?

Why staff did not put themselves in our shoes, will this solution acceptable if this occur with themselves or with their families?

Why we have to pay a lot of money for the air ticket and receive inferior service?

Why emirates airline that claim itself as trustworthy international airline and value the customer totally ignores the problem that caused by the airline itself?

You are on your own, let miss the flight first then we will fix it for you. Are u kidding??? What kind of service is this???

The airlines business is very high competitive, emirates airline should be aware that there are plenty of other airlines that provide much better service. Just satisfying customer’s needs are not even enough for service industry, you need to anticipate customer’s need but what we get from emirates airline are even worst than industry standard!

I will never recommend this airline to anyone and personally my family will never use the service of emirates airline ever again.
It is our mistake that we trusted emirates airline. If you want to fly with emirates, think about it again because when you face with problems or things do not turn out the way they should, no assistance will be provided to you.

“emirates and dnata are committed to providing their respective clients and customers with the highest possible level of professional service. & rdquo; quoted from

Emirates airline fails to deliver what they promise to the customers. The service we received is the worst experience ever and the way your staff perform their jobs is far below than being professional.

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