Emirates Airline / appalling service for honeymoon couple from emirates airline staff

United Arab Emirates

How the hell did you emirates get it sooooo wrong, when my booking reference is exactly the same. We were pinned next to a massive overweight man, who overflowed onto my arm, seat and leg space. He was fed unlimited alcohol which made my situation worse, because he kept rubbing himself up against me for the whole flight from dubai to johannesburg. When I complained to the airline staff and asked that we be moved, they told us the plane was full and they couldn't assist. My left arm and leg were completely numb and painful for almost 2 days thereafter because of this whale of a man seated next to me. To aggravate matters even more, our return flight has already started on a bad foot. I called the [protected] number in johannesburg to complain and request a seat in the emergency exit so that we avoid a repeat of our incoming flight... No go. To really make matters worse some really ignorant person has booked my husband and I in different rows - seat 64c & 64b for the 14 hour return flight from dubai to melbourne, without contacting us! How inconsiderate and totally inefficient is the person who split up a honeymoon couple on the flight home people - do you not notice the booking reference of i6abjw and all the contact details, payments etc is from the same person!!! What are you going to do to remedy the situation?

Jan 16, 2017

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