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Embarq / Bad service and unbelievable charges!

1 Hubert, NC, United States Review updated:
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We signed up for unlisted, unpublished phone service and high-speed internet. We also chose UNLIMITED long-distance service for an additional $14.99/month.

Imagine our surprise when we open our first bill to see an ITEMIZED long-distance bill of over $400!! We were expecting the installation charges and the two months of service on one bill...but itemized long-distance totaling over $400 PLUS the charge for unlimited long-distance ON THE SAME BILL??? After getting over the initial shock, we called Embarq to have the bill fixed, which the Cust. Serv. Rep did quickly. Problem is, they also took off the charges we actually DID owe. (Normally, I wouldn't be upset about that, but when it causes problems later, I get a bit ticked off.) We asked the Rep if it was right that they took off the other OWED charges as well as the ones that weren't owed. They assured us it was OK.

Next month's bill comes around...same story yet again, but this time not only was the long-distance bill itemized, the charges from the month before were added BACK on, plus late charges! $700+ this time! Confused as to how this happened when the last person we talked to told us it was fixed, we called in again, got it fixed and heard several apologies and assurances it wouldn't happen again... Guess what happened over the next 4 months? Yep, you got it! It kept happening EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

Each month they would apologize and "fix" the bill, but instead of just taking off the itemized long distance charges they took off all the charges "for the trouble with the bills". This was getting ridiculous, so we spoke with a manager, who confirmed that all charges were removed from the account. Confused at how we owed "nothing" we decided to see if the charges were, indeed, removed. Of course they weren't. Two weeks later we got a notice saying we owed $800+, and if we didn't pay, our service would be disconnected. Called again, got a rude account services rep who told us we were stupid if we thought we didn't owe anything for the past 5 months. I explained what had been happening with the customer service reps in the past, and that we brought that up with them, asking how we didn't owe anything, even after using the services. She said we were trying to freeload off of Embarq and not pay for anything. I told her I didn't need her attitude, that we weren't trying to get services for free, that we just wanted our bill computed correctly. I told her to speak with the customer service reps that were noted on my account. She said she didn't have to check anything, because it's common sense that you have to pay for services that you use. I tried to explain, once again, what the previous rep had told me. She interrupted me, calling me untruthful and stupid if I think I don't owe anything. By this point I was furious with her disrespectful and rude attitude, and demanded that they cancel our account immediately and that I wanted to file a complaint to their corporate office over their customer service reps not knowing what they were doing and for the account rep's unbelievable attitude and horrible demeanor. She snorted and said "How can you think you don't owe anything after having service for nearly 5 months now?" I told her I no longer wished to speak with her and I would appreciate it if she would transfer me to another rep so I could terminate my services. She then asked when I would pay the $800+ I owed, and I told her that once I speak with the termination rep to find out what's really going on and how much we really owe, I would set up a payment plan. She kept telling me I had to pay THAT DAY at least $350, or they would turn our services off. I told her that I wanted to speak to a termination rep ANYWAY because I don't appreciate being treated like trash by her and being called a liar when I clearly have NOT lied.

The termination rep I got transferred to told me that the notes in the account are pretty clear and that each rep I spoke with took off all charges relating to the itemized long distance, as well as the monthly charges for everything else, exactly as they had stated to me. The rep apologized for the attitude of the previous account rep, and told me that the account was currently at a $0 balance. I asked them to close down the account and disconnect the services immediately, because this was way too much trouble to go through every month for something that wasn't our fault. The rep apologized a couple more times and disconnected the services.

We thought that was all, but the next month we got ANOTHER bill for $166! We called to ask why, and they said it was for the partial month up until the day we had the services disconnected and it had to be paid. They finally fixed our bill AFTER we left Embarq...If $166 is all it takes to get Embarq out of our lives, THEN SO BE IT! I will NEVER use Embarq's services again!!!

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  • Je
      15th of Feb, 2008

    My name is Jenny R. and I work with Embarq customer service. I wanted to apologize 1st hand to you that everything was not explained or taken care of in a better manner for you. I read that everything was taken care of, but I want to see if you have any additional concerns that we haven't dealt with. We will continue to review and correct our processes and hope one day you will reconsider using our service. Let me know if I can help you with anything on this issue, or anything else.

    Jenny R.
    Embarq Customer Care
    Johnson City TN

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  • Me
      16th of Feb, 2008

    I have had my own share of nightmares with this company; I tried to resolve the issue and they treat you like you arent a human being and as though you have no rights whatsoever.
    I was paying 35.00 dollars a month on my local service. At one point they told me that I had missed a payment and had broken my agreement but I was never told to pay more than 35.00 a month. A few times they said the same thing but accepted my payments and continued my service which to me means that they had made a mistake because utility companies NEVER offer humane service-- they are all about numbers and money.
    To make things worse-- I am a single mother on low income and my parents whom I am sole care provider for are ill, my father is terminally ill with lung cancer. I should not have to be treated in such an awful way by this company. Thats "corporate American greed" for you.

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  • Me
      16th of Feb, 2008

    Forgot to mention-- they now want 95.00 dollars or will shut off my service -claiming they split my account. They never gave me advance warning. Oh sure they all say "we sent out a notice" but it seems to me their people could have better sense to tell you they're planning to get creative with the billing and charge you more.

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  • Al
      5th of Mar, 2008

    I have embarqmail and they now censor my emalal and tell me what i can have delivered. If they determine something is spam no matter what i say they refuse to deliver my email. Do not use embarqmail unless you want them to censor your email. Other services like yahoo, hotmail, excite and many other alliw you to decide what you do not want and they deliver mail like they are supposed to. Not embarqmail or synacor. They are censors and you should consider your decision before you use them.

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  • Ja
      6th of Mar, 2008

    I requested unlisted service with embarq. I had it, 3 months later my number becomes listed. I am very mad, I like my privacy. Embarq I may sue for moving expenses. You listed my number in error. I like my home but have lost my privacy thanks to you. I can never trust Embarq again.

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  • Ja
      19th of Mar, 2008

    My husband and I have had to have our Embarq phone number changed several times because Embarq has allowed people to get our private unlisted phone numbers. The last time we had our number changed, they gave us a new number that evidently belonged to a woman that had died and we keep getting annoying phone calls for her. This has been going on for over a year. We get calls from these telemarketers several times a day asking for a Margie Cotton. We just don't answer the phone anymore when the "out of the area" or numbers we don't know come up on our Caller ID. I have made complaints to Embarq but they never did anything. If there was another choice of a phone company in our area available, we would change phone companies in a heart beat. Also, their Embarq so called High Speed Internet sucks too. It's slower than dial up. I hope Embarq see this, I want them to know how bad their company is.

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  • Ri
      5th of Apr, 2008

    I have been having problems with Embarq ever since they took over for Sprint. Same equipment; DIFFERENT PEOPLE. Please get your act together before I have to move to an area that does not use Embarq for phone or Internet service.

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  • Je
      24th of Apr, 2008

    I have had trouble with Embarq (Sprint) for the longest time. I got so frustrated over the incorrect charges with Sprint that I had them strip everything off my phone to only have basic service even though I could have paid the same and been under a plan but the terms of service with the plan kept changing as did the amounts. In January 2007 I got the internet/phone service package and have had trouble with billing ever since. EVERY SINGLE MONTH I am having to contact them about my bill although some months I just pay and deal with it later because I am so frustrated. They have promised no less then five times that I would receive a refund that is due to me. For whatever reason they claim that they cannot simply deduct the amount from my bill yet I still have yet to receive the refund (since December 2007). I work full time and am a full time student. I take courses online and yesterday I learned my service has been interrupted yet again. This is extremely frustrating and I feel my only option is to take them to court because this is emotionally and physically draining not to mention the number of times my service has been interrupted when it shouldn't have been. It is almost exam time and yet I have no internet service due to their unethical business practices. I am going to find another means of phone and internet service as I refuse to go back to Embarq. However, while they have lost me as a customer, they will hear from me again.

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  • Jm
      16th of May, 2008

    This has to be one of the WORST companies to deal with! I've been "discussing" my bill with them for over a year now, and they still keep telling me I owe them $444...even though I've explained this is incorrect due to Dish Network's mistakes (the OTHER worse company!!) I finally got copies of my statements and went through them myself and figured out that I owe $78.71 total, which is all I am going to pay them!

    You are right about how you are treated by the customer service and who ever else "handles" your phone call. I got passed around several times and then told repeatedly that I was wrong and that I did owe that amount and I needed to pay it. PERIOD!

    I am writing a letter and it better get straight or else I am filing a complaint with the FCC!

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  • Th
      17th of Jun, 2008

    We opened a new restaurant and ordered four lines, three for the use of customers and one that was to be unpublished to be used for our security system that rings at our home.

    The embarq phone book listed only the unpublished number and not the others. We cannot take reservations and our security is in jeapordy. I called and was told it was the phone book companys fault and the phone book company said that this number was released from Embarq to them. I asked if they could at least forward the line for security to the other business line and was told that it was impossible. I asked the customer service rep to connect me to a superviosr. He put me on hold for 15 minutes, came back on the line and told me in a wisper the the supervior was there but refused to come to the phone and that there was nothing that can be done. I have their names and times of my calls.

    I am calling by attorney. Your are interfereing with my business. In addition, none of the lines for the business work without static on the lines and no dial tones.

    I would suggest that someone call me, if you can get thru, as soon as possible.

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  • Ch
      9th of Jul, 2008

    I recently got Embarq services because they are the phone company in my area. The tech came to my home to connect services and when he finished gave me his business card for future reference and then left. I then picked up the phone to call family to let them know that the phone was working. Lots of static and the connection would only last about 45 seconds. I then picked up my cell phone and called the tech back to the house. He came right back and then through exhausting checks he came to the conclusion that the wiring in the house was "bad" and that since I did not have "lineguard" on my phone plan, that I would be responsible for the complete re-wiring of my home. I then told him "absolutely not!" He then called in to the office and they also advised that I would be responsible for the wiring. I then advised that i would like to cancel the service since it was going to cost me just short of $1000.00 dollars to have this corrected. They said ok. A few weeks later I received my first bill. I called the office and spoke to someone that said the issues were "never" called in that the service was not cancelled. I advised that I was not paying for a service that I could not use and to cancel my services. She then told me that I needed to speak with another department and I was transfered and put on "ignore" for 45 minutes!!! (yes, I actually held that long!) I then was so angry that I hung up the phone and called back only to find that the office was now "closed for the evening" and that I would have to call back in the morning. I asked if the previous person I spoke to had put notes in the system and he advised that there were no notes in the system at all and that I would need to speak with customer service and repair and that I would have to call back the next day. I called the next morning and they advised that services were cancelled. Then on July 5, 2008 I received a notice that my services were cancelled for non payment and that I owed them $143.00 and that I needed to pay it immediatly. I then called Embarq and advised them of the issues with my phone service and that since I never reported it to repair and that since there were no notes in the system that they could not issue me a refund and that ultimatly it was my resposibility to make sure that my account was in good standing and that I should have called them prior to receiving that bill to advise them that there was an issue and that since I did not they could and would not give me a credit to my account. That it was my fault and that I was trying to be deceitful so that I would not have to pay for the services that I had for the past 2 months and that if I had a problem I should have called and reported it and since I neglected to do that there was nothing they could do and that I owed them the money if I wanted to keep my services. If there was another company to do business with other than them, I would reccomend to everyone to use the other company!!!

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  • Ol
      3rd of Sep, 2008
    Embarq - wireless phone termination fee
    United States

    embarq refuses to refund or anything my 150.00 termination fee on the wireless phone I had. said they had not been formally advised by the public utilities commission

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  • Je
      18th of Sep, 2008

    Hi Olga-
    My name is Jenny and I work with the Embarq customer outreach team. I would love to help you with your ETF that you may have been charged. If you would like me to help you, you can email me at [protected]

    Jenny R.

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  • Be
      13th of Dec, 2008

    I did not authorize such services and being billed for them on my phone bill.I would appreciate all help to remove this mess from my phone bill..I have paid these outragous amounts once and won't again being that i did not authorize such to be attached to my phone or internet... L a credit to my phone bill should be ...This has been a source of great inconvenience to me...I am a honest hard working citizen being scammed and do not deserve such heartache.. Your attention to this matter is appreciated...

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  • Jo
      28th of Feb, 2009

    Embarq has the worst customer service I've ever experierced...ordered local calling service only last August, received unsolicited offer for "high speed" Internet service for an additional $19.95. Took offer then started receiving bills for $34.95 (which was more than the local service!). The "high speed" proved slower than dial up (at a marked up price). Called to cancel internet service & was informed I would have to pay a $99.00 early termination fee (at first I thought they were joking), then realized they were not...I was refused the opportunity to speak to a "supervisor" on more than one occasion; also was refused any address to write to as far as corporate communication/ vp customer service! Ended up doing a web search for Corporate Offices in Overland Park, Kansas...finally got my issue resolved, but nearly had a stroke doing it! The corporate # is 800-877-3345 "The Phone Company from Hell!"

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  • La
      23rd of Mar, 2009

    John Lytle thanks for posting the corporate # 800-877-3345! I am literally on the phone with Embarq getting the run-around about the number. I can not wait to give it to them! We live out in the sicks, embrq is the only wireless/phone service. It truly is a knightmare! I have been on the phone more then an hour today, not to mention I have called every week for the last two months! There are ALWAYS unexplainable charges and RUDE costumer service reps. They billed me for a phone we didnt get!

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  • Ro
      9th of Jun, 2009

    I have lived in an area covered by embarq for only two months, yet have been billed for, and paid over four months worth. they even hit my daughters account without permission and refused to refund the money, only "credit" us. They are rude and ignorant when asked questions. I only regret we are not able to change services. We are considering actually going without a land line, just to stop them from robbing us.

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  • Dh
      11th of Jun, 2009

    I have cancelled a long distance business plan with Embarq every month since February. Each month I get the same bill, again call the same customer service that does not care, get the run around, get promised that the problem is taken care, get promised that they will credit my account, get confirmation numbers, get ID #'s. It all means nothing. The last supervisor sounded like a recording "Ma'am the problem is taken care of, the problem is taken care of" but they are already telling me I will receive another bill next month because we are in the middle of a billing cycle. I will need to call again when I get my next bill, again in the middle of the billing cycle. Of course they promise to keep crediting, but I want this resolved, not the buck passed till next month when some other custer rep will again repeat that there is no problem. I do not think there has been an honest attempt at any point to resolve this.

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  • Te
      5th of Aug, 2009
    Embarq - Worst internet on earth
    United States

    I am sick of Embarqs internet service. They steal my homepage and replaced google with theirs. I hate their lame green looking search engine.

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  • Ce
      6th of Aug, 2009

    You can change your homepage back to google very easily. In Internet Explorer go to Tools->Internet Options and it should have a "home page" box at the top. In Firefox it's Tools->Options. Google Chrome, it's under Options on the Settings tab. That should help.

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