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Embarq / Terrible company!

1 FL, United States Review updated:

I have had Embarq services for over a year no without any problems. I always pay online using the STORED information from my bank. This month, when I paid my bill online through the Embarq page, same as always, they sent me a letter saying that I had a bad check and that now my payment was late. I called them to explain that I cannot have a bad check I pay with the same STORED information that they have had on file for the past year and that I cannot edit this information and all the other bills had gone through fine. Embarq customer service reps told me that it cannot be their fault and that I need to contact my bank. Upon calling my bank I was told that no payment had been submitted to the account so it has to be on them. I call them AGAIN and was told that it must be a data error on my part. Once again I explained that I do not enter my information each time I pay the bill because it is stored in their system, without skipping a beat they then asked me how I planned to pay for the late bill. I told them with a check, they said I am sorry we can no longer accept checks from you. When I told them I had no other way to pay the bill and that I would make a three way call with the bank to verify my bank information and that the money was available, they said no and proceeded to have the audacity to ask me to get someone else to pay my bill and if I really did have the money I could give it to them. I told them that I was not going to do that and asked to speak to a manager, which I was then told that she would tell me the same thing, I was put on hold.

I was then put on hold for almost fifteen minutes!, when I finally got to speak to a manager who was just as rude but finally told me that I could mail a check to them and offered a rebate for the late fee. Well I went to put the check in the mail and realized that I did not have an address because I could not find the bill, I always use online so I "file" a lot of bills, and I had to go through the whole argument again with another customer service rep. Instead of just giving I an address to mail the bill he insisted that I give him my account info and then told me that Embarq would not accept the payment that way and that I NEEDED to pay my bill before I could hand up the phone. Not one time did I get a sympathetic word or apology from any of these rude people! I told them they could cancel my service and that I could go to Comcast and have internet service without even having to deal with them. I no longer will have anything to do with Embarq; they are rude and have no remorse for their actions.

I finally asked for a corporate number t file a complaint and then I was given the address to mail my check. I do not deserve to be harassed a company that I hire as a consumer to do a service for me and neither does any other person so I hope that readers see the unacceptable services rendered by this company that has hired such RUDE people to deal with their customers and decides to spend their hard earned money on services from companies that respect their clients!

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  • Je
      15th of Feb, 2008
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    Hi Cherish-
    My name is Jenny R. and I work with Embarq Customer care. I noticed that you had an issue with paying your billing online. I want to apologize to you first off and would also like to help you. If you would like to email me i will be happy to pull up your account, and correct anything that is incorrect. Feel free to email anytime at


    Jenny R
    Embarq Customer Care
    Johnson City TN

  • Me
      17th of Feb, 2008
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    I agree with the above complaint-- these companies DO NOT HAVE ANY REMORSE FOR THEIR ACTIONS AT AT ALL.
    They think because they are a large corporation that the individual has absolutely NO RIGHTS WHAT SO EVER and that they can treat people in any way they see fit to do so.
    Case in point: I was making regular payments of 35.00 dollars on my local service. Then someone told me I broke a payment arrangement-- (I honestly to do ever recall this) and so just in case there was a mistake, I called another Embarq agent who told me that "no, you're just fine. You can go ahead and make that 35.00 dollar payment". And I did so. And have been doing so for the past 3 months (fortunately all checks by phone) and yesterday they advised me that my service is being shut off because they have split my bill and I now owe 95.00 dollars on my local service-- to pay or be terminated. I find this incredibly outrageous because I HAVE been making payments and their people have been accepting them for months now. THEY ARE IN THE WRONG and they are about to disrupt the service of a single mother on disability who is the care provider for her father (dad is terminally ill disabled veteran with lung cancer) and a mother who is ill as well. I need to have phone service.

  • Hd
      5th of Mar, 2008
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    Embarq should be renamed Embarf to reflect their true mode of operating!

    My hi speed dsl suddenly slowed to the speed of dial-up. No help from Embarf tech support. BUT just today i received an amazing offer from Embarf to increase my dsl speed for only an additional $5.00 per month. This is a damn scam attempt by Embarf. LET THEM KNOW ABOUT IT!! I have already.

  • Pa
      10th of Jun, 2008
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    I couldn't agree more-- Embarq is without a doubt a company so arrogant and incompetent in the most basic of services it is hard to believe they are still in business! I would NEVER have dealt with them under any circumstances based on my previous horrendous experience with them when they were Sprint (whose motto is "we hate the customer") but was forced with gritted teeth to get local phone service and high speed internet with them because they are the ONLY option for those of us without access to cable. I have probably spent 3 or more hours on hold with customer-no-service for various complaints ranging from standing us up 3 separate times waiting for installation that never arrived, a phone line that didn't work after 3 days, assigning us a number already assigned to a company, and now i get my bill and I am being charged for "optional" services I absolutely did not sign up for or agree to. Attempts to contact them on line were complete failures as they only have tech support despite what they SAY on their dreadful website designed by monkeys with ADHD. I only hope these kinds of customer complaint boards will finally get their attention...

  • Bi
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    I agree completely with the complaint against Embarq. What a scam and fraud, this company are ripping off consumers, and nothing is being done to stop it.. Wake up people -- and file --file- file many more complaints, and maybe we can truly help ourselves and others . Embarq sales rep who telephones you ..believe me all he /or she says it is a complete lie.. don't fall for the pitch they give you.
    Lets get it stoppped NOW..Everyone file a complaint to Flordia Public Service Commision 1-800-342-3552

  • Wa
      8th of Sep, 2008
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    Embarq is the absolute WORST so called telephone company ever!!! They make service appointments that they don't keep. Have people sitting around all day for a technician that never shows up! I can't believe they are still allowed to even operate. I hate them!!!

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