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2076, South Africa
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I booked a return ticket to Durban about a month ago. I than later cancelled the return ticket because I decided to fly there. I than submitted a refund request on the 4th of October and at first I was advised by the consultant at their call centre than I can just go to the bus station and I can get my refund over the counter. I than later discovered that was the incorrect information. I was passed from pillar to post than eventually decided that the call centre supervisor Selesley Whittaker contact me, worse mistake I could have made. Salesley called me around the 8th and said she will follow up on this matter, she never again called nor did she email me with feedback. I had to contact the call centre and Salesley was no where to be found, eventually she emailed me the refund form on the 10th of October and advised me to complete it as soon as I could so that they will process the refund the next day which was Thursday.

I completed the form as requested by her and just like always she did not bothered to come back to me if whether or she had received the refund forms or not. Thursday came and past Friday as well and the whole weekend and there was no news from her.

On Monday upon my return to work I decided to call them and just like always could not get hold of her. On Tuesday the 16th I received an email from her stating that I need to send supporting documents id copy bank statement ticket and receipt, I was livid upon receiving this email from her because it had been a week that I submitted the form and she failed to advise me this when she emailed me the forms. That to me shows how useless and incompetent the call centre supervisor is. How can she not know what documents are needed for a refund?. I than emailed her obviously letting her know how furious I was with her bad service.
In the same email I mentioned that I had booked the tickets through the call centre so I didn't have a manual ticket nor a receipt. She did not respond that same day however the next day I received an email from her saying that my refund request was resubmitted and in my mind I thought that I no longer have to send those documents.

Days went by I didn't hear anything from here than I decided I need to deal with the call centre manager because she is clearly beyond incompetent. I was no dealing with Elize. Who called me and advise me after I had to send the documents again that my refund is done and that the money will be released on Thursday the 18th with immediate payment.

Today I called again and to my surprise the refund will only be processed on Thursday. I can not express how livid and disgusted about the service I have received from this company.

I want my refund no later than tomorrow afternoon, I would not have requested for a refund if I did not need the money. I have no decided to write a complaint to you and if I do not receive a call nor a reply by the end of the end tomorrow I will post another complaint on hello peter


Oct 22, 2018

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