Eldo Coachescape town to mossel bay-return

T Nov 28, 2017

Initial complaint per telephone 10th November, 2017 12.15pm (No reply)
Next complaint 16th November, 2017 by email (No reply)

This is a pared down version of the email with the worst part of the experience.
'Now we come to the worst part of the whole Eldo Coaches experience! My return trip was booked for 12.30pm on Friday 10th November, 2017. I arrived at Voorbaai Truck Stop shortly after 12pm and saw that the Eldo Coach was already there. Thinking that I had plenty of time we found a parking space, which took a little while, and offloaded my luggage. I said farewell to my associate and started walking towards the bus to embark but, to my surprise, the bus pulled away before I could board. It was going quite slowly at first and I tried to run after it, which was not easy as I am approaching 70! My associate saw what was happening and raced after the bus in her car but couldn't find it. As it was only 12.15pm at this stage I felt sure that it would return.
I found the number for your (so called) helpline and started calling them. It was the usual story of a message saying the person I was trying to contact was busy or just nothing happening at all. After 3 calls I managed to get through to an operator who said the driver should not have left as it was not yet 12.30 and that she would call to find out what had happened to the bus and I should call back. I said that she should call me back as it is so difficult to get through to the helpline. After confirming my number she said that she would find out what the problem was and call me back. I waited until 12.50pm and had still not heard from her.

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