EgyptAir / rude flight attendants on flight ms960 (a thai girl with braids and egyptian guy with black fram glasses)

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I was on Egyptair bound for Bangkok from Cairo on MS960 on the 12/1/2015. Regardless of the services that I received prior check in and before on board I can;t comment much as I guess that is the rule and regulation in Cairo itself and I totally have respect on the regulationheld by the country. However, upon boarding on the aircraft, I have to say that there is the moment when i step myself in a hell where I was treated badly by the flight attendants. Me and my husband seat was 42E and 42D. In specific, there are two flight attendants who is very annoying 1) Thai girl with braids hair, small size. and 2) Egyptian guy, tall and wearing glasses with black frame.

it started off when the girl was giving away the earphone to me and my husband was only looking and her and she suddenly stomped my husband by saying 'the other flight attendant will give the earphone to you later' in a very loud tone. we were so shocked but assuming, it's okay..maybe she's deaf and can't hear herself.

secondly, when she starts to serve the food, she serve the first row (row 41) for the middle and aisle passengers. Since, I am in the next row, I was expecting her to serve me next. However, she skipped from serving as she said the food meant for those seat on the aisle ONLY and not in the middle. Apparently there is an empty seat next to me which I'm sure she can make it exceptional since the food will be extra since no one seat besides me. I was fine with that until he serve the guy seating behind me who was not seating on the aisle but seating in the middle. So, i asked her nicely, why didn't she serve me the food as in will not make any changes at all. She look at me and SHOUTED 'PLEASE BE POLITE TO ME AND I WILL BE POLITE TO YOU. YOUR FOOD WILL BE SERVE BY THE OTHER FLIGHT ATTENDANT'. I was very very very angry but couldn't say much as I was so exhausted from 18 hours transit in Cairo.

So, the other flight attendant (guy with glasses) starts to serve the food. So, when he asked what drinks do i like to have and I said 'Apple juice please'. He replied 'WHAT?? I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU!!?' I don't expect such reply as I realise my tone was quite low while what he supposed to say was something like 'excuse ma'am, or i beg your pardon ma'am'. I was so angry and I shouted at him THANK YOU! that is very rude of him to shouted at my face even if he doesn't understand what I'm saying. Is this all the manners that being taught to all the flight attendant in Egyptair? It is so annoying. And what annoyed me most is the flight attendant with the glasses have the GUT to seat next to me when I was sleeping and watch movies on the on flight entertainment!!! Is that what they are suppose to do?? I am so mad and angry with how they treat me in the flight and I swear to GOD this will be the first and last time flying with Egyptair. I am looking forward to hear some feedback from you on my issue and I am ready to bring forward this matter to your board of director by handwritten. These two flight attendants should deserve some attitude penalty to what they did to the passengers and none of what they did should ever happen!! I shall write this off the highest authority IF i did not hear anything from Egyptair. I shall further file my complaint and have this to be written for further action. THIS is beyond my expectation to have such services. I have flown in many airlines with various destination but this is the WORST every experience. Hence, I am requesting a reply to my situation from your site in regards to this matter as soon as possible. Thank you

Jan 15, 2015
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