EgyptAir / I suffered at the hands of egypt air

Victoria, Australia

I bought a return ticket from Australia to Cairo via Bangkok with Egypt air
in my way back When I left Cairo every thing was fine at the airport. However, on the 29 January 2013 I proceeded to Bangkok Airport to board my Flight to find the check in people at Thai Airways telling me that there is no reservation for me. They escorted me to Egypt Air desk but no one there could find my booking either. I had to pay the equivalent of $1000 Australian dollar to buy a ticket to come to Melbourne. Upon my return to Australia, I contacted my travel agent and he contacted egypt air office in Sydney. After a week of correspondence they advised I should send e-mail to egyptair as the matter is beyond their control. I contacted egypt air and explanation for them the situation but they don't answer me .
I believe I suffered at the hands of Egypt Air . The booking that I made (and paid for) with Egypt air was not accepted at the Bankok airport and so I had to pay twice. I have received no help in getting a refund from egypt air.

Mar 13, 2013

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