I ordered some faucets for a bathroom from and the coupon code did not work correctly so I called immediately and cancelled that order (like right away) and replaced with another order this all on 11/20. The faucets for only 1 order were shipped to me, but I was billed for both orders. I waited a few days for credit to be processed. I kind of forgot about it, then both charges were on my credit card statement. I called them today, as I was charged twice on credit card. This is now almost 2 months later. She said OH, it looks like accounting dept did not YET process your credit. I am like, mam, this is 2 months later almost. She is like, yes...I will see that this is done by the weekend.

Point being, watch your bills bc I it appears I would have been charged an extra $650 permanently had I not called.

Highly suspicious. Funny how they had time to process 2 charges, cancel the shipment when I called, but then "forgot" to not bill me for the shipment that was cancelled in 5 minutes and which they did not ship. So they KNEW...they didn't ship...but they still billed and were obviously waiting to see if I called to question the charge. Highly suspicious

Also, in the end Amazon would have been less expensive. Efaucets was 15% higher than the price I would have paid on Amazon. But if I return the faucets 25% restocking charge so there is no point.

Do your homework!!!

Jan 10, 2017

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