eDreamsmalafide business practices and ignorant communication

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I am not inclined to use edreams again because it seems impossible to actually book a flight.

Malafide practices:

1. asking me to send them a copy of my visacard (back and front) = unorthodox and unsafe practice
2. ignoring my emails for several days when I ask them to confirm if they have received my fax with copies of my visacard
3. then sending me a Spanish!! email telling me that the price has gone up and that I will need to pay 135 euros more.

After this lengthy and unpleasant process I have mailed edreams to just cancel everything. I hope edreams will now reimburse the money they have put on hold on my visa account.

I would advise edreams to drastically change their business process. I will tell friends and family about my experiences with edreams and advise them not to use edreams: save time and money and just book somewhere else.

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  • Ci
      May 11, 2013

    I had a very similar experience.
    When I received their second email and read the paragraph quoted here below, I realized this company is a MAJOR SCAM:

    << quote>>
    We regret to inform you that we have not been able to process the payment for your reservation. In order to issue your e-ticket we will need copies of the following documents via fax: [protected] or [protected] or scanned to [protected]

    ID card or passport copy of the cardholder
    Copy of the credit card front (For safety make sure only the last fours digits are shown)
    Booking reference number
    Passenger's full names

    Please keep in mind, since airlines change fares constantly, eDreams can not guarantee any price until tickets are issued . Therefore, we recommend that you send us the required documents as soon as possible. We will notify you of any fare changes via email so you can decide if continue with your reservation, applying the new fares, or prefer to cancel (without any additional cost).

    No serious company will ever ask you to send them photocopies (or scanned copies) of your passport or your credit card over the Internet. Due to personal circumstances I travel constantly, usually booking flight, hotel and car, directly and/or through different sources, for myself and/or my family and have a vast experience in this field. This is the first time I'm trying to book a flight through e-dreams. This company is a scam and quite dangerous too because it surely succeed in getting personal information from less experienced travelers that should never be shared over the internet.
    Also it is obvious that if you respond to them the least they will do is to declare the airlines raised their fare and you will have to pay 100 or more dollars extra.
    I decided to ignore their request and booked with a different company obtaining the exact same flights for 190 Dollars less and of course without having to give them any copy of any personal documents.

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  • Va
      Feb 12, 2016

    I'm struggling with almost similar experience but the "wall" is infront of me in earlier phase.
    All phone numbers are provided without a country code. How on earth am I able to figure out what country code I should dial infront of the number?
    Also during the booking I also took the premium service package. After the confirmation I realized that this is 800 local number and it cannot be used internationally.
    FAX!? it's year 2016. Who on earth uses faxes these days? Why are they even using that as a option no1?

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