Edgars Fashion / Edconunhelpful and rude service

I was at Edgars in Waterfallmall, Rustenburg today around 11:20am, to buy some new born items. Looking around I saw a 2 pack Bandana Bibs (Disney baby) and they were on a sale container for R40.00 (original price R54.95). I got to the till point and the lady assisting said she's going to get another one as the other one was not scanning, fine she comes back after some time to tell me that she can't sell it to me as its out of stock. I refused her flimsy explanation as the item was on the shop floor and a supervisor was called who was actually clueless and of no assistance, just told me that the item can not be sold to me and that there's nothing she can do for me.

I am utterly disappointed by the level of service I received from the staff, seeing that the item was in the Edgars shop for sale and when I want to buy I'm told its not for sale. Who's fault is it that the item has been put on the shop floor for sale and then when as a customer I want to purchase I'm being told its not for sale? I really wanted that item and I told them that they should sell it to me for the R40 displayed on it but they could not do this.

I'm actually rethinking supporting the Edgars shops because it rates -0 on customer service actually customer service is non-existent.

Nov 29, 2018

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