Edgars Fashion / Edconunauthorized charges on my edgars account

I Have an Edgars account since 2014, in July this year I visited and Edgars store to update my Edgars Club, only to find that I have been billed every single month for mobile charges from a third party via my account.
upon this finding I have been contacting the third party since July and all they have is excuse upon excuse. I then complained to the Edgars customer relations, as my account is with them, all they do is apologise and escalate the matter over and over again with the third party.I do not sign up for any market related products which is why I have requested a signed copy of the documentation from Edgars where I have given them consent to share my personal information with third parties, which they totally ignore and cannot produce, I have also requested a voice recording, or proof of any sort from the third party, which they are unable to produce to me.
They claim that I excepted their product on my cell phone, and should go to my private service provider for proof, its the first that I have heard of such a thing, ..Why do I have to prove to them that I never took their product when I am in dispute with them? shouldn't they be providing me with the proof?
These people are a bunch of fraudsters trying to take advantage of innocent consumers.
My point is that I took my account with Edgars, and they should be held responsible for sharing our personal data without our consent to fraudsters.I never took this product, and I want all of the funds reversed back into my account from 2014 with no stories from them. Edgars needs to refund me and fight the battle further with the third party as they are unable to provide proof and its a serious offense to bill customers without consent.

I require assistance to fight this battle for me.

Nov 27, 2018

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