Edgars Fashion / Edconsunray protect pink

28 Dec 2016 i went to Edgars Active in palm springs mall to refund a pair of shoes i had bought for my daughter. The next customer was called which was me. I told the cashier Mathotho Lamola that i am making a refund then she asked why, and i explained to her that my daughter's Granny had also bought the same shoes that i bought so to avoid bothering them with money i'm refunding the ones i bought so i can be able to pay for my daughter's transport when schools opens. What a sad moment for me, she then called the next customer without saying anything to me. After assisting four customers she asked for my slip and she again called the next customer. Then thereafter she asked for the debit card i used to purchase and told me that she hates doing refunds and i just calmly said "sorry". Schools have opened and i haven't received my money and i can't even go back to the store to ask any questions regarding that because im afraid i might get the same attitude i got. Worse part i had bought the shoes from their store not somewhere else.

Jan 11, 2017

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