Edgars Fashion / Edcon / poor service

I went into edgars today to make enquiries...1st enquiry is that I am apart of edgars club for a year and have never received any vouchers or any benefits...I spoke to Sharon who called their head office...but no one was able to give me answers...spoke to brunei! Then eventually we got some lady whom i did not get her name as she persistently said her name fast and spoke softly when i asked her to say it clearly... but in short, she was very frank in saying that she was not sure why I was not sent any of my vouchers or magazines and i should have reported it...she was couldn't care any less if I was disadvantaged!!! She offered NO explaination and did not even apologise when I expressed my disappointment and anger!!!so basically I paid 50+rands a month since last year January for nothing!!! 2nd enquiry...saw a phone on their advertising tv in the shop but everyone is clueless on how to get this phone...and when I say everyone, I mean even the manager who was helpful but clueless!!!How can edgars advertise an item in the shop...and when I ask about it, they give me answers like they don't know about it and the marketing office is closed and the cellphone manager might know about it but he is not around????Surely both my complaints are unethical...

Mar 28, 2016

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