Edgars Fashion / Edconpayment taken and good not supplied

Good day, on the 25th of November I visited Edgars in Gateway and made a purchase of goods and made payment via my savings card. The payment went through on my side and I also had proof on my phone and on my internet banking. The cashier could not print a receipt or did not somehow receive my payment. I stood there for over 45 minutes as they tried to sort this out. They asked me to pay for the goods again, which I refused, seeing that my payment had already gone through. At the same token they refused to release the goods even after me showing them the proof of payment that went through on my side. I have a thyroid condition and am on medication and had to wait over 45 minutes while they tried to sort this out. Eventually it was getting late so I left and they refused to give me the goods that I paid for. I did tell them that I was leaving on a cruise on Monday and needed the stuff for my trip but they refused to release my goods, I had to walk out of the shop furious.
Please can I ask that this be taken to the highest level as I have decided to go to the papers about my incident with Edcon, how they took my payment, asked me for a second payment and did not give me the goods that I paid for.
Thanking you
Kind Regards
Mrs Charlotte Reddy

Dec 03, 2018

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