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My Edgars account never seem to go down, I pay on time and I stopped buying clothes with it because I want to close it, I firstly never receive my statements so in November I decided to visit one of the stores and find out why I am owing so much when I don't even buy anything, I was surprised that I pay for a magazine that I don't get, I pay for Cell C R25 airtime since January 2015 and cell phone insurance (cell phone insurance I know about). I asked them to cancel all of them from my account and that was done...In December I went again just to check if there is still anything opened in my account and again to my surprise they said I just opened a travel insurance of some sort which I never agreed to...On the 12 of December after paying R500 they said my balance was R1484.17, see picture now in January they say I now owe R1 714.00. I don't know how Edgars charge their interest but I want my money

Feb 03, 2017

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