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Canal Walk Century City, Cape Town, South Africa, Edgars Cellphone, South Africa

I recently lost my phone and firstly called the Hollard insurance to find out what the procedure was for submitting a claim. Spoke to a very friendly representative that told me that i need to get a ITC reference number and an affidavit when submitting a claim and i can take to any Edgars Cellphone kiosk. On Thursday i got all my documents in order and took it into the Edgars Canal Walk Cellphone shop/kiosk. I was politely helped with one of the employees. He looked at the documents and told me that you have everything in order but he cannot submit it know but he will give me a call tomorrow the 11/12/2015 which did not happened and i then called and spoke to a Laika and she advised that i need to come in on Saturday to fill in the documents for the claim. My question here is why was i not advised to fill in the documents on the first day. I then advised her i will come through the Saturday to complete the documents. I then arrived the Saturday to find out they could not find any of the documents that i submitted the Thursday evening filled in the claim form but was now advised that i need a case number from the police. Advised that i need to come in tomorrow 13/12/2015. 1. the call centre representative did not advise any of this in the beginning. 2. the Edgars representative also did no advise this. Went there the Sunday morning and they then could not find any of the documents and the manager on duty advised i need to resubmit all the documents and they will take it from there and they just sorry. I noticed that they are totally unorganised and have no respect/helpful in any demand. Highly disappointed as i also in noticed that client asked someone for assistance in the cellphone department and the client was told that "he cannot assist the client because he works in the cellphone department". This 3 days costed me R200 worth of petrol for people that dont have a clue of what they doing. I would really love to compensated for my time and money in this regard for employees who is not properly trained at your branch. Regards Clint Johannes [protected]

Dec 14, 2015

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