Edgars Fashion / Edconcell phone and bad service

I'm rather angry with the service I get from Edgar's Southgate. Took my phone in for repairs in October 2016 was told it will take about 3 weeks for the phone to be repair. A week later got a call saying my phone is fixed. While in the store I test the phone to see if its working. Well to my surprise the phone was still not fixed. Was told by the assistant (Palesa) before she can book the phone again I must pay access of R500. By all means I paid the money cause I need a phone. Hardly two weeks I was called again saying my phone can't be fixed I need to come to the store to get a new phone. I asked Palesa if they got Sony cause I only like Sony. She asked what type of Sony and I told her Sony compact or any other Sony or the same Sony I had. She told me they dont have it and I told her to source a Sony phone for me. She send an email and I was told that it can't be source and I should take a Samsung... Really now I requested for an Sony and not a Samsung. She got back to me that a guy by the name of Mohammed said they got a Sony only to find out a Sony that he refers to is a very cheap Sony less than my previous phone. So up until October 2016 I had no response from the store. I went back Friday to find out about my phone and all that Palesa can say with an attitude is no still nothing. This is not the first time I had problems with my phone or the store getting a phone for me. Last time I had to wait 9 months. Edgar's get your act together and get me the phone I want not what you want to give me.

Feb 01, 2017

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