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I am sorry to say but i had a bad experience at your store.
Date: 02/06/2017 time 14:20
i was served by Ms Percy
I had liked few dresses at the store, they were on sale, but the price wasn’t reduced as per sale. I tried them on, they looked lovely and it gave me a joy just to see them fit so well... and looking so pretty.
I went to the cashier where I had to wait to be served by Ms. Percy in a black coat, I asked her I want to know the actual sale price, and she told me verbally without checking it’s about k100 per dress. I requested her to check in the system using the barcode reader, as I have experienced sometimes the prices are different. I wanted to be sure.
She rolled her eyes and argued with me that the price she told me verbally is the same price… I again requested I want it to be checked, after rudely arguing she checked in system. It was k200 and then the sale price was changed to k100. Furthermore she argued that the prices with 00 at the end are changed etc. but to be honest these prices should be sorted out before and the clothes should be labeled.
I don’t mind going up to cashier to find out about the price, I don’t even mind if the prices are not the same but it’s the way she behaved which I did not like. I was the one purchasing; I have the right to know forehand how much it’s going to cost me. I do not need someone giving me attitude about my purchase. I do not work at your store such that I should know the prices or the terms… hence that’s why I made a query which was handled very rudely.
Sorry to say this but this is the second time one of your customer attendant has behaved such, last month Ms. Mary behaved such with my friend.
This is the problem with all the customer attendants at your store, they are very rude and they give a certain attitude like as if they’re doing the customer a favour.
To the customer attendant ( Ms. Percy): sorry if you had a bad day at your home, or whatever is going on in your life, but I came to shop to feel good, when I buy the dress, when I put on the dress it should make me happy wearing it, and purchasing it… I don’t have to feel bad about your rolling eyes or mumbling something. And I was very polite to you the whole conversation.

i did make a purchase, but for me to write this email i did not like your behavior. its not professional. Kindly improve.

I hope you consider this request.

Jun 02, 2017
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  • Ly
      Jul 10, 2017

    On Saturday morning the 8/7/17 I was in promenade mall decided to pop in at edgars active the sports store cse my son bugged me for a tracksuit. I was there and thought why not. Got what I needed next paypoint. I didn't have my card on me I had my drivers license. The lady at the till told me she can not help me cse I don't have my card I reckoned that does not make sense I have proof of identification so why not. She called the store manager Miles Vinharten which said the same thing I was baffled and really upset. How can you turn away a customer. He reckoned unfortunately I can not help you without a card again I said I don't have my card on me I misplaced it. I said what if I go to edgars and get a temporary card then what? I still won't be able to assist you. He walked away I then called him back to ask for his name. Then he came back and packed what I wanted. I'm furious that edgars active store manager could not use an alternative option to help me, my items came out to at least R800 and he turned me away your money is not needed here that's how it came across. I do not know what your policies are but having proof of who I am surely he could've helped me? I will not shop there ever again and I'll post this on social media.If I don't get an apology or an explanation. Customer service level is dropping tremendously and it never use to be like this at any edcon store.
    Unhappy customer
    Lynn. Maree

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