Edgars / bad attitude, no respect and bad service

South Africa

I am honestly tired about Mbali Nene, she doesnt have respect to her colleaques or rather employees. Is not for the first time i complain about this lady, my first complain was telephonically and actually they guy who helped told me that most of the people are complaing about her. She shouts to her staff like kids, how can you say someone is stupid in front of the customers. She must stop to talk to our mothers, aunts and sister the way she wants. I dont know f this is Edgars Carletonville policy, I hate the store because i really dont appreciate what that woman is doing to her poor people. I approched her and i told her that i have my own company but i dont talk to people like the way she is doing.

This time something must be done, go to the store and interview those people. they dont enjoy working there its a pity they too. Please take care of your friendly staff except MBALI NENE. They dont deserve to be treated like school children. Next time i will put my phone on video record and i will make sure that i expose her big time, if i have to take the mater to Daily Sun i will do so.


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