eBay / requested refund for shipping stolen item back to seller for refund

San Jose, CA, United States

A family member purchased a used iPhone from a seller on eBay. Now, eBay states on the website that they do not sell stolen goods, and do not allow sellers to list stolen goods for sale. You expect everything you buy to therefore be the rightful property of the seller. The phone we were sent we quickly discovered had been reported stolen from the rightful owner. The sim card had been left in the phone, and the rightful owner was contacted by text- the individual that the phone was registered to and who had purchased a phone contact which was still in effect. He believed a neighbor had stolen his phone, and had reported it to the police. By checking the serial number, we confirmed that the number he gave us was a match.
We told the seller that the phone was being returned due to the fact that it was stolen. His response? "Well, duh". Again, eBay does not allow stolen goods to be sold, however, that is what the seller himself admitted to.
The phone was returned at our expense, and we sent the necessary information regarding the shipment to the true owner as well in order to help him get his phone back.
We asked eBay for a refund of the shipment costs. Their response? Nothing. Clearly eBay's own CEO doesn't care that sellers are ignoring his request not to list stolen goods and that customers are unwilling accomplices to criminal activity.
Won't be shopping on eBay ever again. Disgraceful.

Feb 26, 2014

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