eBay / holtjonathan 01 for 1 ball joint remover that was never received

Crossville, TN, United States

I am trying to get a refund from a order placed [protected] for 19.80. The seller was holtjonathan 01 and a delivery date of [protected]. On [protected] ebay prevented feed back saying the seller holtjonathan 01 was no longer a member. How the hell am I supposed to get a refund from a seller that is no longer a member. Why wait till [protected] to get an answer from a seller that no longer exist. This was a scam nothing more. I have and do purchase often on ebay but if I do not get a refund now my days on ebay are done. I have waited since [protected] for this [censor] to answer an inquiry or anything NADA nothing. Why doesn't ebay police the sellers and get rid of the scam artist like holtjonathan 01. I want the money back guarantee to do what it is supposed to do and get my 19.80 back NOW!!!

Jun 14, 2017

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