eBay / fraud by wunderkid45


I've learned that there's one thing you can count on Ebay for, and that's to drop the ball. Their “buyer protection” is worthless, and that lesson has cost me $1490.00. Ebay is protecting a dishonest seller. They have closed a claim case, with the knowledge that proper delivery protocol was not followed, and that the item has been returned to the seller. The seller, wunderkid45, or David wunderli has both the item I paid for, and my $1490.00. Ebay's advice is for me to file an interstate small claims suit if I want my money back-ridiculous. Ebay closed the case without even tracking the item, but when pressed acknowledged that it has been returned to the seller. On top of that, I can't even leave honest feedback to warn other buyers-Ebay blocked it since they decided the case in his favor, allowing him to keep both the item and the money with no consequences whatsoever. I have been run around in circles for weeks between Ebay and Paypal.

May 6, 2014

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